Rashida Jones on Which Role Was More Fun Than Her Role on ‘The Office’; It’s Not ‘Parks and Rec’

Rashida Jones certainly boasts an impressive resume. Not only is she an actor, but she’s also a talented writer and director. After inheriting talent from her famous father, Quincy Jones, she became a well-known actor. Most notably, she starred in two wildly popular comedies, The Office and Parks and Recreation. Now, Jones is finding success on the Netflix show, BlackAF which she stars in and executive produces.

BlackAF star Rashida Jones
Rashida Jones | Jerod Harris/Getty Images

Though Jones wears many hats, she is probably most recognized for playing Ann Perkins on Parks and Recreation and Karen Filipelli on The Office. But, unlike her costars on those two cult-favorite shows, Jones was usually playing more straight-laced characters. Though Ann and Karen had a few outbursts, they mostly served as the voice of reason throughout the show.

Rashida Jones talks about her ‘BlackAF’ experience

But, Jones’ newest character, Joya, is leaps and bounds away from anything she’s down before. On BlackAF, Jones portrays a mom with a take no prisoners attitude. The furthest thing from meek, Joya is never hesitant to speak her mind and let people know how she really feels. According to Jones, Joya’s mentality is a breath of fresh air. In a recent interview with Awards Circuit, Jones revealed that, in a way, playing Joya is the most fun she’s ever had with a role.

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How Joya differs from her roles on ‘The Office’ and ‘Parks and Recreation’

“I think I was relegated — and that’s fine because it’s a part of my personality — to playing a lot of supportive girlfriends and friends to people — steady, sane, available girlfriends/friends. But I don’t know, it’s way more fun to be like, ‘I don’t give a fu*k.’ That part of it is super fun to play because you just get to let loose and anything goes. Everything from my incredible wardrobe to being able to dance all the time to just saying what’s on my mind no matter who I offend. There’s something incredibly freeing about that and I didn’t have that opportunity before,” Jones said about filming BlackAF and stepping away from her “stereotypical” roles.

Jones has also enjoyed the creative freedom that she’s been able to have on BlackAF. Though the show is partially based on her co-star, Kenya Barris’ life, she has been around from the start. Because of this, she has been able to contribute her writing, viewpoint, and humor to the show. This is something that she really values and looks forward to continuing in the future.

Jones is increasing her creativity and her net worth

“To start something from the ground up. Well, it was Kenya’s life, but to be a part of something from its inception, and to be able to help shape characters and storylines and jokes, and then be able to play those things that you were a part of helping to create, and then to direct those things. That’s really the dream, to be able to feel that invested where you get to be a part of it in every way,” Jones shared about her BlackAF experience. It seems like Jones is truly enjoying this new creative venture. We’re sure fans are interested in seeing what she cooks up next especially in season two of BlackAF.