How Old is Ray Diaz, and Is He Dating Angelica Salek?

Actor Ray Diaz is most known for being involved in Jake Paul’s YouTube vlogging group, Team 10. He also starred in TV Land’s Lopez alongside famous comedian George Lopez for one season. Additionally, the attractive actor has booked several modeling campaigns for well-known brand names, including Calvin Klein, Polo, and Reebok.

Ray Diaz
Ray Diaz | Maury Phillips/Getty Images

However, his relationship history is not as successful as two girls have accused him of domestic violence. Currently, the 17-year-old model Angelica Salek is missing, and her mother and friends believe she is with Diaz. How old is Ray Diaz and is he dating Angelica Salek?

Who is Ray Diaz?

He was born August 13, 1985, in Key West, Florida, so he is currently 33-years-old. His parents had legal issues, so he and his sister grew up in a foster home. In high school, he auditioned for an advertising campaign, which he landed, and joined National Macy’s events. The aspiring actor then moved to New York and studied at The William Esper Studio.

During this time, he also gained a massive presence on social media, namely Instagram and Twitter, so he joined Jake Paul’s YouTube empire, Team 10. After moving to Los Angeles, California, he concentrated on his acting career and booked roles for East Los High, South 33, and Close Range.

Ray Diaz arrested for domestic violence

Law officials arrested the actor in June 2018 on domestic violence charges. According to sources, he got into an argument with his girlfriend, Landi Hicks, and it turned physical. Allegedly, he grabbed the young woman and pulled her so hard that it created scratches and bruises on her neck and leg. When Hicks attempted to call 911, he grabbed the phone from her. She then tried to use an Amazon Alexa to dial the police for her, but he unplugged the device.

Two days later, Hicks filed a police report, and the officials took pictures of her injuries. Therefore, they arrested Diaz for domestic violence and then released him on $50k bail. The following month, another woman came forward, claiming he abused her as well. Officials told Diaz if he gets in trouble with the law again, then they will file charges on him within a year.

In September 2018, the actor addressed the allegations and claimed Hicks made it difficult for him to get casted for acting roles. He obtained a restraining order against her because he claimed she went into a violent rage against him. The restraining says Hicks must stay 100 yards away from him for a year and delete pictures of the two together on her social media. Diaz says the judge granting him the protective order is proof that her allegations are false.

Is Angelica Salek with Ray Diaz?

Last year, when Diaz was 32-years-old, fans caught him commenting inappropriately on Loren Gray’s, a 15-year-old, picture on Instagram. He responded to the allegations claiming his manager told him to post that to create engagement. The actor then uploaded a video on Instagram where he is kissing a 16-year-old girl, Angelica Salek. She is now 17, and her friends and mother have reported her missing. Her mom took over the model’s Instagram account and has posted missing flyers of her.

A friend of Salek’s, who claims she is dating Diaz, reached out to Youtuber Daniel “Keemstar” Keem and claims she stole her mom’s car and visited the actor while still missing. Diaz responded in a video uploaded to Twitter denying any involvement with Salek’s disappearance and refused to refer to her as his girlfriend. Instead, he said she was just a girl who collaborated on YouTube videos with him.

To prove Diaz and the young model have a deeper connection than what he is leading on, her mother posted audio of the actor abusing her daughter. Salek responded to the allegations and claimed people are taking the video out of context. She claimed her and Diaz were recreating a past abusive scenario, and she was pushing him to act harder. The girl also claimed she ran away from home for family reasons and is not with Diaz.