‘Real Housewives’: Check Out Their Luxury Mansions and See How Much Their Homes Are Really Worth

Whether you’re a fan of the ladies of Atlanta or can’t get enough of the Orange County drama, there’s one thing that all the Real Housewives franchises have in common: fabulous real estate. Every episode of Bravo’s popular reality TV series features a peek at some jaw-dropping homes, from palatial Beverly Hills mansions to New York penthouses. So, how much does it cost to live like a Real Housewife? Over the years, numerous housewives have listed their homes for sale, which gives us as pretty good idea of the kind of money you need to live like a reality TV star.

Ramona Singer’s New York City apartment  

  • Price: $4.995 million

NYC housewife Ramona Singer is moving out of the Manhattan apartment she’s lived in for two decades. She’s selling the four-bedroom, three-bath corner unit on the Upper East Side for nearly $5 million.

Singer says she loves the apartment, but it’s just too big now that her daughter Avery has a place of her own. “I’m an empty nester, and I think it just makes sense to move to a smaller place. I’m traveling so much more, and I still have the place in the Hamptons,” she told Bravo. “So I just think it makes good, emotional sense for me.”

Phaedra Park’s Atlanta estate

  •  Price: $950,000

Not every housewife owns a million-dollar manse. Phaedra Parks appeared on six seasons of Real Housewives of Atlanta but left the show in 2017. Then she put one of her two homes – a four-bedroom French Provincial-style house built in 1988 – on the market for $1.195 million. Parks bought the property in 2013 for $845,000, but she had trouble getting the price she wanted for the house. She eventually sold it for $950,000.

Luann de Lesseps’s Hamptons abode

  • Price: $6.25 million

In June, Countess Luann listed her luxurious Hamptons home after deciding to move upstate. The newly sober New York housewife wanted more than $6 million for the recently updated home. The Sag Harbor property (which was also available to rent for $150,000 a month, according to Realtor.com) didn’t find any takers, though. She slashed the price by $500,000. The home is now off the market, likely because of a lawsuit filed by her ex-husband. She bought the house in 2013 for $3.1 million.

Dorit Kemsley’s Beverly Hills home  

  • Price: $8.745 million

Just because you’re a reality TV star doesn’t mean it’s easy to unload your real estate. Beverly Hills housewife – and Boy George’s BFF – has had a hard time selling her six-bedroom Beverly Hills mansion, which she and her husband want to exchange for a more kid-friendly property. Dorit and PK first put the home on the market in 2017 for a whopping $12.75 million. Since then, they’ve dropped the price by $4 million. The nearly 9,000-square-foot home is now listed for $8.745 million.

Stephanie Hollman’s Dallas casa

  • Price: $5 million

Real Housewives of Dallas might be the newest Real Housewives franchise, but these ladies aren’t slouching in the real estate department. Cast member Stephanie Hollman and her husband Travis dropped $5 million on a luxurious Dallas-area custom home in 2016. That price might seem steep, but the couple actually got a bargain when they bought the four-bedroom, 8,600-square-foot home at auction – it was previously listed for almost $9 million. They recently completed a $1.7 million renovation, including covering up a pool in the living room.

Tamra Judge’s Orange County mansion

  • Price: $1.8 million

“After a very emotional year,” Tamra Judge decided to sell her recently remodeled Orange County home. The five-bedroom, 3,900-square-foot property in a gated community in Ladera Ranch sold for $1.75 million just weeks after it was listed in September. The Orange County housewife and her husband Eddie owned the home for less than a year – they bought it in late 2017 for $1.58 million and immediately began the renovations. 

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