‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’: Why Porsha Williams Is Having Trouble Watching Season 12

Season 12 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta is showing all of the drama in the ladies’ personal lives. Two of the women, in particular — Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore are really struggling in their respective romantic relationships. We know now that Williams was dealing with a broken engagement after her fiancé Dennis McKinley cheated on her. After Williams called off the wedding, McKinley had the nerve to ask for his engagement ring back.

Moore, on the other hand, is dealing with her emotionally (and physically) unavailable husband, Marc Daley who doesn’t seem to be interested in her or their marriage. In fact, since Season 12 of RHOA was filmed — Moore has filed for divorce.

Since episodes of the reality show are filmed months prior to their air date, we’re not watching any of the drama in real-time. Typically, the RHOA cast follows along with fans, tweeting and commenting when episodes air. However, Williams is really struggling to do so this season.

Dennis McKinley cheated on Porsha Williams when she was pregnant with their daughter

Cheating is always unacceptable — but cheating on your spouse when they are heavily pregnant with your child is reprehensible. After a whirlwind relationship and engagement with McKinley — who is an entrepreneur in Atlanta — Williams seemed happier than she’s ever been.

The pair’s relationship progressed quickly, with Williams getting pregnant with the couple’s daughter, Pilar Jhena. However, just three months after Pilar’s birth in March 2019 — Williams pulled the plug on her relationship with McKinley. Apparently, he had been carrying on an affair with another woman. McKinley’s alleged mistress, Sincerely Ward even tried to confront the RHOA cast at Kandi Burruss’ restaurant.

Porsha Williams and Dennis McKinley have worked hard to get their relationship on track

Currently, Williams is wearing her engagement ring again, and she and McKinley have decided on a wedding date. However, it was not an easy road for the couple. “Porsha and Dennis have been working really hard to get their relationship back on track since the summer and they’re doing better than ever,” an insider told Hollywood Life. “It was really hard for Porsha to forgive Dennis for cheating and it’s been hard for them as a couple to relive it and hear people talking about it now that it’s airing on TV. It filmed months ago and they’re in a different place now.”

Porsha Williams finds it upsetting to watch this season of ‘RHOA’

Since she has worked so hard to heal her relationship after infidelity — Williams is finding it really challenging to relive it all again. “They’ve done a lot of counseling and talking and hearing one another out. Porsha has seen a lot of positive changes in Dennis and she seems to have given her all into finding forgiveness,” the insider explained to Hollywood Life. “Porsha is finding it tough to watch and Dennis never has really watched the show so he’s definitely not interested in watching it now. It was a terrible time for them both. But they’re really working things out. Porsha wants this relationship to work and she’d love to give PJ a sibling sometime in the near future. It’s clear just how happy she is now that they’re working through this. She wants to make it down that aisle with Dennis. Everyone around her is rooting for them.”

We just hope that McKinley has really changed his ways.