‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ Season 9 Adds 2 New Cast Members

Real Housewives of New Jersey will be back to filming soon so that means they have their cast for the new season. There was some adjusting that had to be made because a former cast member left. So who are the new people and who will they align with?

There are reports that two new cast members who have been added (page 5 and 6), and one of them has an interesting connection to Teresa Giudice (page 7). Here are seven things to know about this season.

1. Siggy Flicker previously announced she was leaving the show

Siggy Flicker posing for photographers on a red carpet.

Siggy Flicker decided to leave the show.  | Donald Bowers/Getty Images

Before getting into the new cast members, it’s good to remember who they are replacing. Siggy Flicker previously announced that after two seasons she was done with the show. She wrote a goodbye letter that explained this decision and it was published by Us Weekly.

In it, she wrote:

I learned that when dealing with a reality show, never ever ever leave your edit in the hands of someone else. Let me tell you why. Imagine the most well-behaved lion — a lion who was raised and surrounded by love — never experiencing cruelty. Now imagine that same lion is caged, poked, prodded and beaten for weeks. Finally, that lion strikes back at its tormentors. The tormentors capture video only of the lion attacking, show that video and label the lion vicious, unpredictable and unhinged. Welcome to the last year of my life.

Although she starts off the letter by being thankful to Andy Cohen, it’s pretty obvious she blamed editing and manipulation for how she was portrayed.

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2. Danielle Staub will return for Season 9

Danielle Staub posing and smiling.

Danielle Staub will once again be back for Season 9. | Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Danielle Staub made her return to the reality show last season and pretty much took a backseat to everyone else. But she is reportedly returning again for this new season.

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3. Other former Housewives were reportedly considered for the season

Jacqueline Laurita smiling while posing against a wall.

Producers considered asking Jacqueline Laurita to return. | Jemal Countess/Getty Images

Before casting new faces, there were reports that former housewives were considered to return for the next season. According to Us Weekly, Caroline Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita were mentioned by producers as being possibilities for the jobs.

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4. Caroline Manzo said it would be a major decision to return to the show

The RHONJ cast members posing together at a Bravo event.

Caroline Manzo wouldn’t make this decision carelessly. | Craig Barritt/Getty Images

Former RHONJ star Caroline Manzo told Us Weekly when asked if she would return, “It’s not something that I would embrace wholeheartedly and say, ‘Let’s do this!’ It’s something that I would consider very, very heavily and for a long time.”

Since the former Housewives cast members ultimately didn’t return, who are the new women who will be replacing Flicker?

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5. Jacqueline Mark Goldschneider has reportedly been cast

Goldschneider's Instagram selfie.

Jacqueline Goldschneider is reportedly joining the show. | Jacqueline Mark Goldschne via Instagram

The new cast member has her own website called Into The Mommy Brain. There she describes herself like this:

I’m a mama of TWO sets of twins (yeah… let that sink in), a freelance writer, a former attorney and a Minivan driving chick hanging out in the suburbs of New Jersey with my husband, Evan.  I write a column for a newspaper, features for magazines and lots of blog posts for lots of places (like Huffington Post and Scary Mommy) all based on my funny, crazy, hectic and amazing experiences with four little ones!

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6. Jennifer Aydin is the other new cast member

Jennifer Aydin is a mother of five kids. She is married to a plastic surgeon named Dr. Bill Aydin of Aydin Center for Plastic Surgery.

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7. Aydin is reportedly friends with Teresa Giudice’s cousin Kathy Wakile

Kathy Wakile smiling and posing on a red carpet.

Kathy Wakile | Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Most Housewives get cast because they already had a connection to cast members. Aydin reportedly is friends with Kathy Wakile, according to Us Weekly.

It’s tough to say what this would mean for her relationship with Teresa Giudice since she doesn’t always get along with Wakile.

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