‘Real Housewives of Potomac’ Season 4 Episode 11: Can I Get A Witness?

Previously in Real Housewives of Potomac, Candiace Dillard attempted to take her mother, Dorothy, to therapy to work on their communication. However, Dorothy refused to acknowledge any wrongdoing and continued talking down to her daughter. Additionally, a cameraman is suing Ashley Darby’s husband, Michael, claiming the 73-year-old man inappropriately grabbed his butt.

Finally, Katie Rost invited the RHOP ladies over to her ranch for a hoedown. However, once close friends, Monique Samuels and Dillard, had a showdown over Samuels’ disappointment with Dillard’s recent behavior. What happened in Real Housewives of Potomac Season 4 Episode 11? Keep reading to find out!

Real Housewives of Potomac Season 4 Episode 11
Ashly Boalch Darby, Karen Huger, Raymond Huger, Monique Samuels, Chris Samuels, Candiace Dillard Bassett, Chris Bassett | Shannon Finney/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Candiace Dillard

Earlier in the season, Dillard took her mother, Dorothy, to counseling because her mom slapped her in the face with a purse. Dorothy, a therapist herself, had difficulty seeing the errors of her ways as laughed, rolled her eyes, and interrupted everything her daughter said when she didn’t agree.

In the last episode, Dillard began realizing that she treated her friends the same way. Therefore, she wanted to work her problems out with her mother, so she doesn’t continue letting their drama spill over into her relationships. Dillard invited Dorothy over for tea so they could discuss their goals for the respectful mother-daughter relationship desired.

While Dillard brought things to her mom’s attention that Dorothy does that she doesn’t like (eye-rolling, facial expressions, and constant jabs at her), Dorothy gave the common excuse, “I’m an old dog,” frustrating Dillard more.

Ashley Darby

Gizelle Bryant came to a Darby business to ask her friend how was dealing with the pending sexual assault lawsuit against her husband, Michael. Darby claimed the situation brought them closer together and explained she didn’t believe he inappropriately touched anyone.

However, her answer doesn’t satisfy Bryant, who continued to pry and ask if Darby is “okay with butt squeezing.” In Real Housewives of Potomac Season 4 Episode 11, Darby decided to go to her therapist, Esther, to talk about her husband’s situation.

She explained she always wants to put on a happy face for Michael when he’s struggling and “be the perfect wife.” Her therapist challenged her on why she felt she had to be perfect, and Darby admittedly views her husband as a parental figure because the last time she saw her father, she was only a year old.

Darby realized she aspired to be flawless for Michael at all times, so he doesn’t leave her as her dad did. Therefore, she went to her mom’s house to find out more information about her father, including if he had a mental illness and why their relationship ended.

Before scrolling through her dad’s Facebook on her mom’s account, she revealed her father blocked her when she messaged him telling him she was her daughter. While going through several pictures, Darby broke down in tears after seeing her father posed with other kids, presumably his children.

Gizelle Bryant

As a single mother of three girls, Bryant wanted to do something as a family. Therefore, she took them apple picking in Real Housewives of Potomac Season 4 Episode 11. Even though they didn’t enjoy the bugs, they seemingly had a great time, and the girls asked Bryant to spend more time with them.

One of her twin girls, Angel, admitted she felt her mother shows favoritism. So, Bryant took Angel out alone the next day. Her daughter told her she felt like she doesn’t matter to her mom. But Bryant explained that Angel’s a smart well-behavior girl, so the Housewife never worries about her daughter.

However, she acknowledged her daughter’s feelings and promised she would check in with her more. Bryant also suggested they do projects around the house because Angel admitted she hated going out.

Monique Samuels

Samuels went to her 3D sonogram and invited Karen Huger and Dillard to see the developing baby. Her husband, Chris, got upset after finding out how Samuels acted at Rost’s hoedown. Therefore, she invited Dillard to attempt to get their friendship back on track.

After seeing the baby who looks strikingly like his father, the three girls talked privately. Huger then asked Dillard straight up what was going on with her mom. Dillard explained their battle but also took responsibility for her actions. Samuels and Dillard, who already apologized to each other before the sonogram, had “a sister moment” on the couch as they seemingly got over their disagreement.


Dillard and her husband, Chris Bassett, the Hugers, and the Samuels all met up for dinner together to discuss the Darbys. Monique Samuels seemed to believe the Darbys as there’s no evidence suggesting otherwise.

The cameraman suing Michael named Bassett as a witness in his suit, however, Dillard’s husband admitted he never saw anything. Dillard is still convinced that someone had to have observed Michael squeezing someone’s butt because of his alleged “sausage” comments.

Will any of the RHOP ladies end up believing Michael Darby? Watch Real Housewives of Potomac Sundays at 8 P.M. EST on Bravo to find out!