Real Life Drama: RHONJ Stars Weigh in on Joe Giudice’s Deportation and the Couple’s Potential Divorce

A lot is happening right now in Teresa and Joe Giudice’s life. The pair have been on a rollercoaster ride for the last five years as they were tried and convicted for a variety of fraud charges. With Joe’s prison sentence almost over the family is facing an even bigger challenge, a looming deportation order for the family’s patriarch. While the Giudice’s seem to be dealing with the issue through court, co-stars and family members are speaking out in support of Joe, but not everyone has nice things to say about Teresa.

Joe Gorga doesn’t think Teresa is prepared for a divorce

Joe Gorga spoke exclusively with Hollywood Life and alleged that Teresa is not mentally ready for a divorce if it comes down to that. The reality star’s brother notes that Giudice’s emotions go back and forth. One minute she’s angry at Joe for putting the family in their current situation and other moments she misses him and wants him back in the house with his family, where he belongs.

Gorga, 39, has been embroiled in the drama between his wife, Melissa and his sister Teresa for years, but now the couple is banding together to help Giudice through this challenging time. Joe Gorga notes that the potential deportation of Joe Giudice is hitting the kids particularly hard. Gia, a high school senior, recently posted about her father’s situation on Instagram and asked her followers for help.

Not all the housewives are sympathizing with Teresa

While Melissa and Joe are rallying around the Giudice family, not all of the cast members of ROHNJ are being so supportive. According to The Daily Mail, Jackie Goldschneider is far from sympathetic. The new cast member reportedly feels terrible for the kids but is having a hard time feeling anything for Teresa. Goldschneider noted that Giudice seems to have moved on with her life and she doesn’t believe she’s as connected to Joe’s situation as she claims.

Giudice, in recent weeks, has been photographed out and about with a younger man. The pair were first seen together out in Miami in February and were again spotted tooling around New Jersey looking a little too friendly. Goldschneider and Giudice had an explosive moment during the most recent reunion special of The Real Housewives of New Jersey when Giudice alleged a wife could control her husband. Goldschneider clapped back, asking Giudice if Juicy Joe would be in jail right now if she were able to control him.

ROHNJ Alum are speaking out, too

Back in October, when a judge initially ruled that Giudice would be deported at the end of his prison sentence, several former housewives spoke out. Caroline Manzo, who starred on the show for five seasons had nothing but nice things to say about Joe, especially about his parenting ability. She noted that Giudice treasured his children and was an active and involved father. According to Us Magazine, the ROHNJ alum and author was saddened by the news.

Siggy Flicker, Amber Marchese, and Kim DePaola, all former housewives shared Manzo’s feelings. While DePaola and Giudice had a rocky relationship during their time on ROHNJ, DePaola noted that she liked Joe, and wished nothing but the best for him, but went on to call Teresa heartless. Marchese and Flicker are both concerned for Giudice’s four children, indicating that they are all exceedingly close to their father.

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DePaola took more than one potshot at Teresa during her statement. She went on to say she truly believed Teresa would not visit Joe in Italy, just like she didn’t visit him in prison. Teresa has allegedly been a very infrequent visitor during Giudice’s 41-month stint in jail.