The Real Reason Everyone is Dad-Shaming Andy Cohen

Andy Cohen is a well-known television host. But recently, he’s been in the news for another reason: He’s a brand new father. And while many of Cohen’s biggest fans are happy for him, some have already called him out for his parenthood techniques. So why is everyone “dad-shaming” Cohen?

Andy Cohen
Andy Cohen recently welcomed a baby boy via surrogate. | Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Cohen recently welcomed a baby boy via surrogate

Cohen has wanted to become a father for a long time, and he finally made his dream a reality when he welcomed a baby boy via surrogate in early February. Benjamin Allen Cohen, named after Cohen’s grandfather, was 20 inches long and weighed 9 pounds, 2 ounces — and Cohen couldn’t be more excited to welcome the little boy. Plenty of celebrities congratulated the Bravo host on the newest addition to his family. John Mayer, Lisa Rinna, and Brandy Glanville, among others, were happy to see Cohen with his new son. However, Cohen is still just learning the ropes of parenting — and critics aren’t going easy on him.

When Cohen brought his baby on a plane, people were quick to call him out

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Digging the #DadGear !!!

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Only a few days after the baby was born, Cohen already had him boarding a private jet. And the “parent police” were quick to call him out on it. Cohen posted a photo of him carrying his baby in a harness, and while some suggested the baby’s ear drums wouldn’t be able to handle a flight at such a young age, others noticed the harness more than anything. “I don’t think that is a good way to carry a newborn Andy,” one Instagram user wrote. “Not good for neck and back of a new baby…” Many others commented on the post saying similar things. However, there were still plenty of people excited to see the photo.

Cohen was dad-shamed again when his dog ripped apart his son’s toy

Shortly after the airplane drama, Cohen once again came under fire for the way his dog was behaving around the baby. He posted on social media that his dog had ripped apart the baby toy and said he was flooded with direct messages about how dangerous the jealousy of animals could be. People were quick to assume that Cohen’s dog could potentially be a hazard to the new baby and suggested he had a major problem on his hands.

Now, people are complaining about a photo Cohen posted of his son in a crib

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Swaddled up…

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Cohen posted a photo of Benjamin snoozing in a crib, and once again, people on social media felt they could make better parents than the Bravo star. Some complained the sheets weren’t tight enough. Others said there should be absolutely nothing else in the crib along with the baby. And others said that swaddling simply wasn’t good for the newborn. While plenty still adored the photo, it seems that no matter what Cohen does, the parent shamers are out to play on every one of his posts.

Cohen has clapped back at the dad-shamers — and we don’t blame him

Although Cohen has been facing a lot of criticism, he hasn’t been letting it affect his dad game. He clapped back at all the dad-shamers, saying he wasn’t worried at all about the dog toy situation, since his dog definitely was not jealous of the new baby. He also seemed to ignore all of the parenting critiques on the private plane photo and the crib photo. Cohen is a new dad, and not only is being a perfect parent impossible, but it’s also even harder when it’s the first child. Cohen is learning one day at a time, and regardless of what some say, he appears to be doing a great job.

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