The Real Reason Meghan McCain Walked Off ‘The View’ Set After Ana Navarro Feud

Meghan McCain has been making headlines since joining The View for her stance on political issues. The conservative pundit sparred with Ana Navarro last week and things got so heated she walked off the set. After days of controversy, the Arizona native is now revealing the real reason she got up the table and went backstage.

Ana Navarro and Meghan McCain
Ana Navarro and Meghan McCain | Lorenzo Bevilaqua/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Why did Ana Navarro and Meghan McCain argue?

McCain is the resident conservative on The View’s “Hot Topics” table along with Abby Huntsman. Every Friday, when Whoopi Goldberg is not on the show, Ana Navarro comes in to fill the fifth seat. The Nicaraguan-born television personality is also a Republican but views things very differently from McCain.

While talking about the whistleblower that filed a complaint about Donald Trump, things got heated on the show. McCain argued that some Democrats are being hypocritical as they are encouraging the anonymous whistleblower while condemning WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

The ladies sparred back and forth making their viewpoints clear and when Navarro was about to start speaking, McCain interjected yelling, “Excuse me.”

“You know, I’m two feet away. Don’t need you to scream at me this way,” Navarro replied.

McCain was dismissive of Navarro saying, “I don’t know what you just said.”

“I said don’t scream at me, I’m two feet away,” Navarro repeated more clearly so McCain could understand her.

The political analyst was left gobsmacked as the audience reacted surprised at the word exchange.

“You know what, that’s so rude Ana, welcome back,” McCain is heard saying as Joy Behar sent to commercial break.

When the theme song started playing in the studio, cameras were able to catch McCain turned herself as if to get off of her chair. The cameras panned over to the audience and their reactions were priceless. They were witnessing McCain walking off the set of The View, which the cameras were able to catch in the last seconds before fading to black.

Where did Meghan McCain go after she stormed off?

Following the storm-off, McCain made an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. The Bravo host took the opportunity to talk to the daytime co-host about what happened that day.

“You seem extra over it with the audience, sometimes with the ladies,” Cohen stated.

McCain has had outbursts with the audience and calls them out live on television.

“I will say the audience is extremely combative and it’s nice to be with a positive audience,” she said. “The booing and the heckling is a lot every day. And I’m paid here at The View to be a different view and I would like us all when people come to roll it back cause again, I’m just trying to do a very competent job.”

The daughter of the late Senator John McCain played down her exit from The View set saying she’s done it numerous times before.

“I just want to say the walking off footage, we are told by producers to leave the table if it’s too heated and I get touched up backstage with my makeup so that’s what I was doing and I’ve done that like many times over the years so I don’t know why this particular time…,” she said before being cut off by the host.

McCain also said on the show the ratings are strong and took pride in being the conservative co-host to hold the seat the longest since Elizabeth Hasselbeck. She is on her third year on The View and says she is not planning on leaving the show.