The Real Reason Queen Elizabeth Liked Meghan Markle the Moment She Met Her

Meghan Markle has had a tough time acclimating to life as a royal. Ever since she started dating Prince Harry, Meghan has found it hard to land in the press’ good graces, and it’s resulted in a lot of difficulty for the duchess — especially as a new mother. But one thing that’s always been known about Meghan is that she got along with Queen Elizabeth almost immediately upon meeting her, despite the rumors that she’s “duchess difficult.” And there could be one surprising reason why the queen bonded more with Meghan.

Meghan Markle and Queen Elizabeth
Meghan Markle and Queen Elizabeth | Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Meghan has had a difficult time since joining the royal family

When Meghan and Harry first started dating, everything seemed peachy. They worked hard to keep their relationship private, but as the now-duchess became more important in Harry’s life, the British tabloids started to dig up stories about her. Soon enough, they were infiltrating every aspect of her life and publishing rumors about her family, her relationship with Kate Middleton, and suggesting she was horrible to her staff members. Since then, Meghan has come out and said that she’s had a very hard time adjusting to the spotlight. She and Harry recently released an emotional interview where they explained the negative toll the British media has actually had on them.

She and the queen reportedly got along the first time they met

Though there have been hundreds of stories published about Meghan having a bad attitude toward others. But one thing that we have learned since Meghan joined the family is that she and the queen seemed to become close from the first time they ever met. When Meghan met her future grandmother-in-law, the two women reportedly bonded over their love for certain foods, and Meghan took a liking to the queen’s dogs. Both things helped Meghan get on good terms with the monarch, and the two women have remained close ever since.

Meghan Markle and Queen Elizabeth
Meghan Markle and Queen Elizabeth | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

It’s possible the queen saw the writing on the wall

Though there is a chance that the queen just saw some kind of sparkle in Meghan that she loved, there is also another reason why she might have taken such a liking to the Duchess of Sussex: It’s possible she was worried that people would try to destroy her. The queen saw firsthand what happened to Princess Diana when she was a member of the family; it wasn’t easy to watch, and some argue that the press is what ended her life. When the queen met Meghan, she knew she was unconventional — she had been divorced, she is American, and she didn’t come from a high society family.

Despite all of that, it was probably clear that Harry was in love with her. And the queen might have welcomed her with open arms because she wanted Meghan to know that the royal family was a safe space for her, despite what was to come with the tabloids. The queen might have seen the writing on the wall that things weren’t going to be easy for Meghan and therefore did her best to create a good relationship with her for the sake of her grandson’s happiness.