All the Reasons Fans Thought Julie Chen Might Be Fired From ‘Big Brother’

Big Brother has been a summer staple since its premiere back in the year 2000. Julie Chen has been fronting the reality show since the start and it’s inconceivable to watch a season without her hosting. The television presenter just signed a 1-year contract that would bring her back for Season 22. Up until the announcement was made official, fans had been worried the host was in jeopardy of not returning.

Julie Chen, host of 'Big Brother'
Julie Chen, host of ‘Big Brother’ | Monty Brinton/CBS via Getty Images

Could Julie Chen be fired from ‘Big Brother’?

Chen has been the face of Big Brother since the start and has provided consistency over the years. Part of the experience of the reality show is getting grilled by the host during exit interviews which housemates love.

Lucky for loyal fans, the former “The Talk” moderator will be returning as the main presenter in 2020. Chen will continue to guide viewers through all the twists that Big Brother throws towards the houseguests and will be the only face from the outside world that the contestants will see.

Chen confirmed the news in an Instagram post last week.

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It’s Double Eviction Day! #ButFirst..

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According to Deadline, Chen only signed another year contract that would cover her hosting Season 22 of the show. This same deal does not include Celebrity Big Brother that Chen has hosted for the past two years. As of now, it’s not certain if CBS canceled the show or thinking of changing the presenter.

Julie Chen involved in controversies

Over the summer Chen was involved in several controversies while hosting Big Brother. One of the major ones was when she had a slip of the tongue and used a racial slur.

During the eviction episode of Jack Matthews, the BB host confronted the controversial housemate for distasteful statements he made in the house.

Matthews was shown a clip where he labeled African American contestant Kemi Fakunle as a “bitch,” “dogsh**” and even used threatening language saying he “wanted to stomp a mudhole through her chest.”

“Okay, well, I will say that the ‘stomp the mudhole comment’ was based on something that Sam [Bledsoe] said last season when she was frustrated, and I don’t think there was any personal vendetta behind saying that,” he explained.

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After the interviews, Chen usually proceeds to show the evicted houseguest goodbye messages from their friends inside the house. Since the Matthews grilling was prolonged, there was no time to air the videos.

“We didn’t gyp you out of goodbye videos…,” Chen told Matthews.

The word gypped has racial origins as Jake Bowers perfectly explained to The Telegraph: “Gypped is an offensive word, it is derived from Gypsy and it’s being used in the same context as a person might once have said they ‘jewed’ somebody if they did an underhand business transaction.”

Viewers on Twitter called out Chen, but she never addressed the issue nor apologized for using the word.

Julie Chen stirs the ‘pot’

The Big Brother host created controversy again when she came back on television wearing necklaces with marijuana paraphernalia pendants.

“You like my necklace? Gee thanks, just got it. Lighten up guys,” she wrote on Twitter.

Fans noticed Chen’s jewelry and mentioned it on Twitter.

“Anyone else noticed Julie Chen-Moonves’ pot leaf necklace tonight on BB?” a viewer tweeted.

Big Brother 21 will air its season finale on Wednesday, September 25 starting at 9:30 p.m. EDT on CBS. During that night, the winner will be announced by Chen and they will be taking home $500,000. The runner-up will be $50,000 richer, while viewers will vote for America’s Favorite Player who will take $25,000.