Recap of ‘You’ Season 1; Who Did Joe Kill In The Netflix Show?

The Lifetime show You had a slow start on the channel when it first premiered, but then found a revitalized life on Netflix. Now Season 2 is set to premiere Dec. 26 on the streaming platform, you might have forgotten bits and pieces of information. 

Well, for starters, Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) is a killer. Yes, he can be sweet, charming, and a bit too quiet to be a suspect on anyone’s radar. But, even if he thinks or says he had Beck’s best interests at heart, he exhibited quite a lot of psychotic behavior. He also has a growing list of people he’s killed so far. 

Penn Badgley on camera.
Penn Badgley on Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2019 | Nathan Congleton/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

With the second season around the corner, let’s recap who’s died because of him and who might be in danger in the future. 

Joe killed a lot of people in Beck’s life

As stated above, Joe is a normal, docile guy on the outside. But when he doesn’t get his way with the woman he’s obsessing over, things get homicidal. The first season documented Joe’s plan to have Beck like him back, which included getting rid of obstacles like her disrespectful boyfriend Benji and her demanding best friend Peach. 

Of course, fans also see Joe kill Elijah Thornton, a record label exec who had an affair with Joe’s ex, Candace. On top of that, he murdered Ron, an abusive neighbor. 

The cherry on top was Joe’s murder of Beck, the woman he supposedly loved and who he had done all of this for. She suspected nothing until their relationship started crumbling apart and she found Joe’s secret stash of evidence involving his crimes. 

Why did ‘You’ move from Lifetime to Netflix? 

This time around, You is premiering straight on Netflix instead of Lifetime first, and that’s because of its low ratings. According to Vulture, Lifetime’s plans for a Season 2 were strained because of the low views, but then when it went to Netflix, that all changed. 

If you’re a Twitter user, you might have noticed that no one was talking about the show until it moved on to Netflix, and then it was all over everyone’s timelines. It seemed like everyone was watching it, and that actually could be true. The Netflix news Twitter account, @SeeWhatsNext, claimed that You gained 40 million viewers in just its first month. That’s a lot of people, if it’s true, so it’s no wonder it’ll get a second life on Dec. 26.  

Joe’s ex and future lovers might be next on his kill list

Season 2 of You is coming out right in time to binge it with your family around the Christmas tree. No matter where you watch it, it’s sure to deliver on the same mysterious elements and Joe’s twisted inner monologue. 

So far, it seems like Candace Stone, Joe’s ex, might be alive. It was set up in the show to make it seem like she was dead with her inactive Instagram and radio silence. However, at the end of the series, she comes back to his bookstore, very much alive. However, Joe seemed surprised that she was. 

New to the cast is Victoria Pedretti, who played Nell on The Haunting of Hill House. Deadline reported that she’ll be the Season 2 lead, so odds are she’ll be the new love interest for Joe. Considering he’s killed one of two past loves, and scared off the other, Pedretti’s character’s fate doesn’t look good at all. Whatever goes down in this coming season is bound to be just as addictive as the first.