Recent Instagram Pictures of Jax Taylor From ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Look Like Throwbacks

Jax Taylor Instagram

Want to age in reverse? Do whatever “Benjamin Button” age reversing moves Jax Taylor is making from Vanderpump Rules. The SUR bartender seems to be dropping years from his age as he approaches 40.

Taylor has always been into fitness. He appeared to get pretty jacked a few years ago and his physique seemed to nearly double in size. However, Taylor and fiancé Brittany Cartwright recently embarked upon a serious health kick. Both have lost a considerable amount of weight.

So what prompted Taylor to drop at least 40 pounds and essentially turn back the hands of time?

A viewer made this observation

Taylor recently talked to Men’s Health and explained what triggered the health journey. He recalls a tweet that changed everything. “Man, you got fat.” Ouch.

But Taylor insists getting the message woke him up. “I’m glad they did it,” he said. “I thought, ‘Why didn’t my friends tell me? Why didn’t my own girlfriend tell me this?’ I looked disgusting. I was like a butterball.” He decided to take a look at his health and weight.

He admits his typical 175 pound frame blew up to about 235 pounds. But gaining weight is probably pretty easy. Any Vanderpump Rules viewer knows the show is one big party. The cast is constantly partying, which includes eating tons of food (Taco Bell) and imbibing endless cocktails. Even though Taylor was often shown working out, his diet clearly got the best of him.

Getting back to basics

Taylor told Men’s Health that keeping weight off when he was modeling was easier. “I was getting to the point where I was eating once a day, and I’m living in New York City walking around everywhere, so I was constantly losing weight,” he explained. “When you’re always on the go, you forget to eat sometimes.”

But after ten years of modeling, Taylor moved to California, hooked up with SUR and the rest is history. “When I started the show, I took a back seat on the gym,” he remarks. “I looked great because I was still coming off of the modeling, but the show turned into so much work.” Filming all day and then partying all night didn’t leave much time to workout. As a result, Taylor packed on 60 pounds, which was influenced by ordering food and watching endless television too.

Immediately following his father’s death, Taylor went on a downward spiral until Cartwright pulled him up. He opted to smoke medical marijuana instead of drinking to ease his angst. Plus he returned to healthy eating and working out. “I tried it [medical marijuana] and it changed my life,” Taylor says. At that point, he decided to stop being so self-destructive, hit the gym and make his father proud.

Turning back time

There is no magic formula that makes Taylor look significantly younger. But rather he is no longer devouring fast food on the couch. Plus, he and Cartwright are doing low impact/high intensity training. He trains in the morning and then lifts weights in the evening, often five days a week.

He also packs his day with nutritious, protein-based foods. Men’s Health provides a specific rundown, but his day typically includes protein shakes, lean meat, and vegetables. And yes, some booze on a special occasion.

Fans have been noticing. He took to Instagram in November to thank followers for their comments. “First of all I want to thank everyone for the kind comments on how healthy I’ve been looking lately and how great my skin looks, after losing my father suddenly and proposing to my best friend, I wanted to make some changes with many parts of my life and my health was one of them.” Keep it up Jax!

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