Reddit Users Agree: David Schwimmer and Nicolas Cage have the Same Face

Nicolas Cage’s face is even more famous than Nicolas Cage. Over the years, internet users have utilized Cage’s face in a variety of memes, all featuring the wide-eyed expression the famed actor is known for. Now a Reddit user has taken it a step further by sharing a photoshopped image of Cage’s face superimposed onto David Schwimmer’s face. The results are so eerie that the internet has gone crazy over the photo.

What’s the story behind the face swap?

A Reddit user by the name of SpaghettiCondom911 shared a screenshot of Schwimmer’s character playing the keyboard in an iconic Friends episode. Cage’s face is superimposed on top of Schwimmer’s, and the differences are nearly impossible to detect. It would appear as though Schwimmer and Cage share so many features in common that upon first glance most people wouldn’t even notice Schwimmer’s face is not his own.

Since the post was published on February 3rd, it has garnered 130k points and has nearly 2,000 comments. The Reddit post has also made its way to Twitter. Users on Twitter are discussing the subtle differences in the actors’ facial features.

While SpaghettiCondom911 brought the image to the internet’s attention, YouTuber DerpFakes created the swap. In a 2-minute montage, DerpFakes superimposed the face of Nic Cage onto various actors. While many of them are funny, none are as eerily similar as Ross’ image. The video also features Lisa Kudrow and Matthew Perry with Cage’s face superimposed on their bodies.

Do Nicolas Cage and David Schwimmer Actually Look Alike?

No, the two actors don’t actually look alike, if one’s face isn’t superimposed over the others. The similarities are likely in the shape of their faces and where their features sit. Because they share similar symmetry, it allows the face swap to be nearly seamless. When you look at pictures of the two actors side by side, however, they don’t share any strikingly similar features.

David Schwimmer was involved in an internet debate in September

While the Cage/Schwimmer comparison is currently taking over the internet, Schwimmer is no stranger to internet controversy. In September surveillance video surfaced of a thief pilfering liquor from a store in the United Kingdom.

Schwimmer received word of his doppelganger and took to Twitter to announce his innocence. He did have a bit of fun with the resemblance, though. The Friends actor posted a video recreating the original footage before assuring the police he was in New York at the time.

Police have since apprehended the real suspect in that robbery, according to The New York Post but Schwimmer seemed to enjoy having a doppelganger, even if his face twin was a robber.

Schwimmer has yet to comment on the freaky face swap, but if his past behavior is any indication a comment is forthcoming. Until then everyone can debate exactly why Ross looks so much like Nicolas Cage.

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