Regina King Believes ‘We Were All Designed for a Moment’

Regina King won an Emmy for her performance on Watchmen this year; she also snagged an Oscar in 2019 for If Beale Street Could Talk. But amid COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter protests, King is finding her moment — especially when it comes to the release of her 2020 film, One Night in Miami.

‘Watchmen’ star Regina King on making movies during 2020

Regina King
Regina King, Best Supporting Actress winner for If Beale Street Could Talk at the 91st Annual Academy Awards Governors Ball in 2019 | ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images

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Glamour recently spoke to King about the first film she’s ever directed, the 2020 drama One Night In Miami. Admittedly, the timing of her recent success — she’s already generating buzz that she might snag a Best Directing Oscar nomination — is a bit strange.

“For that to be the case and all of this to be going on is bittersweet, sobering,” King told Glamour via a Zoom interview. However, the If Beale Street Could Talk actor is thankful as she can be. As King explained:

I’ll tell you one thing, though: I am grateful that the universe brought this movie to me, because it does make me feel like through art, we — when I say ‘we,’ the filmmakers, everyone that had something to do with this story—have an opportunity to put something out that feels like we are being active, that we are activators.

Regina King’s new film One Night in Miami was released in Sept. 2020

The timing of One Night in Miami’s release coincides with a year that is full of conversation around Black Lives Matter and police brutality. King doesn’t find that to be coincidental.

“I feel like there’s no mistake that the subject matter of this film is what it is and coming out at this time,” she said. “I do feel that we were all designed for a moment.” Further clarifying that point, King shared:

I mean, not designed just for one moment, but this moment we were supposed to all come together, everyone on this project, because this moment was so much bigger than One Night in Miami.

Looking back at her career in entertainment, it seems obvious that King was made to be an entertainer during this time period. Not just her awards season clean-ups; much of her past work told stories from a perspective that we don’t often get from Hollywood.

The Emmy-winning actor believes that we need to be true to how we are feeling these days

Regina King
Regina King on Today | Nathan Congleton/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

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Given that all King is working on (she’s also developing a TV series for The CW called Slay) — what is she focused on these days?

“I’m just allowing myself to be okay with being emotional and being honest about being emotional,” King explained.

The Watchmen star is trying not to fall into the myth “about stoicism being synonymous with strength,” Glamour wrote.

“I really think it’s really important to be honest about all the stuff that we’re feeling right now,” King said. “The worst thing that we can do is to not be true to ourselves about how we feel.”