Regina King Thinks ‘Watchman’ Was Right to Ditch Social Media

Watchmen takes place in an alternate history of America. In the comics and the 2009 film, America had superheroes to help win the Vietnam War, and allow Richard Nixon to serve five terms after abolishing term limits. The HBO series Watchmen picks up on this world in 2019 as it’s diverged even further from our real world. Regina King stars as Angela Abar, a policewoman. 

Regina King of Watchmen
Regina King of Watchmen | Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic for HBO

In the 2019 of Watchmen, police have to wear masks because it’s too dangerous for criminals to know their identity. There is also no social media in this 2019. King spoke with reporters of the Television Critics Association at WarnerMedia’s summer party. We’ll have more with Watchmen series creator Damon Lindelof too. Watchmen premieres Sunday, October 20 on HBO.

Regina King thinks ‘Watchmen’ made the right call on social media

Social media has allowed people to connect. It has also given voice to trolls and empowered harassment. Regina King thinks the Watchmen universe was right not to indulge in social media.

“The Watchmen world that we’re in is passed that,” King said. “Social media already happened in my eye. Damon could tell you something else but a lot of the things that you’re seeing in our history is the result of what someone thought were good choices to make to improve or fix the things that we did wrong as a country.”

Regina King is torn on social media

Social media has been a challenge for Regina King.

“Sometimes it’s hard to see the good that social media brings,” King said. “I feel like we get so caught up in the surface stuff and not the deep things that make us who we are. We don’t have conversations as much as we used to.”

Social media has also made people forget how to get in touch with King.

“Someone told me, ‘I DMed you. You didn’t get back to me.’ I’m like, ‘Well, why did you DM me? Why didn’t you text me? you have my number.’ I think we miss things because we’re like this [looking at our phones]. We walk in a room and I’m guilty too. I’m not saying I’m not guilty too but you can walk in a room and 10 people are all like this.”

Regina King at the WarnerMedia party, 7/24/19

‘Watchmen’ changes more than just social media

All of the alternate history you’ll see on Watchmen creates a very different 2019. King hinted at how this impacts Angela. 

“I was going to say she’s less trusting,” King said. “She doesn’t trust as much but I don’t know how much I am these days. I think she probably is the one that would sit in a room where conversations with different people are going on, and she probably would not have anything to say until the end of the conversation. She’d just kind of take it all in.”

‘Watchmen’ has Regina King afraid of spoilers

Regina King was being very careful in her answers not to give too much away. She’s been on spoiler protective shows before, like American Crime and The Leftovers, but Watchmen is a whole other level.

“I am so grateful when we get an e-mail from HBO that says, ‘Now you can say you’re Angela,’” King said. “Oh God, thank you. It’s difficult to talk about a character and you can’t even say their name. I do understand that that is the nature of DC comics and the Marvel universe, that it’s so hush hush.”