See Renée Zellweger as Judy Garland in New ‘Judy’ Trailer

Drop what you think you know about the actress Judy Garland. Depending on when you were born, many of you only know her as the bubbly heroine Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. But there is more to her than ruby slippers and musical numbers, and Renée Zellweger is here to educate us.

While Garland is most known for walking down the Yellow Brick Road, she had a long career that spanned from her teenage years into adulthood. Her life was punctuated with heartbreak, tragedy, adventure, and motherhood. Watch how Zellweger brings Garland’s life to the big screen in Judy.

Actress Renee Zellweger | Stephane Cardinale – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images

Trailer shows the highs and lows of actress’s career, personal life

Garland’s children, Liza Minnelli, Joey Luft, and Lorna Luft have spoken about their mother’s abundant love for them and her struggles with money and drug addiction. In the trailer, we see the ebb and flow of her success and lavish lifestyle with moments of hardship.

The movie is set 30 years after The Wizard of Oz and one year before Garland’s death at age 47 from an accidental overdose. During that time, she and her children were living in London.

When Zellweger discussed the biopic earlier this year with People, she felt strongly about portraying the renowned star with empathy and respect, and she studied everything she could about her to prepare for the role.

“What she had to overcome in a time when women didn’t necessarily feel that they had power over their own lives in the way that we do today. That stayed with me and I hope folks will be moved by that as well.”

What Garland’s eldest daughter, Liza Minnelli, thinks about the film

It is important to note that Minnelli has stated that she does not approve of the film and had nothing to do with its making, Vanity Fair reported. While Zellweger looks convincing in the part and Minnelli praised her as a wonderful actress, she told ET that she hasn’t seen any of the trailers and she “ just hopes they don’t do what they always do.”

For Zellweger’s part, she told US Today she attempted to reach out to the family through a mutual friend but was unable to locate them. Rather than impose on their privacy about their mother’s life, her intention would have been to seek their hope for the film, saying, “My intention was to share with them how I perceived the project and what I was hoping from it, and to ask what they might hope from it.”

The film will hit theaters on October 4 and also features Rufus Sewell as Garland’s third husband Sidney Luft, Jessie Buckley as Rosalyn Wilder, and Finn Wittrock as her fifth husband, Mickey Deans. Judy is based on the Broadway musical, End of the Rainbow, which was written by Peter Quilter.

Not everyone is a fan of biopics because sometimes they’re done well, and sometimes they’re not. For those who prefer to skip the movie and seek out a different source, you can always read A Star is Born: Judy Garland and the Film that Got Away by her daughter Lorna Luft.