Revealed: How Do Kim Kardashian’s Sinks Work?

During a recent ’73 Questions’ interview with Vogue, Kim Kardashian took viewers on a tour of her home with Kanye West in Hidden Hills, California, while giving answers. Fans couldn’t get past one very puzzling thing in the video, however: how exactly do Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s sinks work?

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The video that launched a thousand questions

The premise for the Vogue videos involves the interviewer arriving at the celeb’s home to ask the questions in a rapid-fire fashion, as the star takes them on a bit of a tour. In this case, the interviewer was greeted by Kanye, with Kim taking over to do the interview.

She’s off and answering the questions, bringing viewers along to the bedroom of their home (which she describes the style of as ‘a minimal monastery’). Kardashian leads the camera to Kanye and the kids, continuing to answer questions while their children are adorably well behaved. Her secret to good parenting, by the way, is “you just have to wing it,” sharing that she’s on a group chat with her sisters to get parenting advice.

How do Kim Kardashian’s sinks work?

That’s when things take an interesting turn, as the interviewer asks to have a look around and ventures in to the massive bathroom — where a sink vanity is seen to the left. This is what had fans confused, as it appears to be a flat slab with faucets — but no sink or drainage for the water to go down!

The interviewer turns around as he continues to ask her questions, but many fans were obsessed over figuring out how the sinks worked. One Twitter user asked: “Can someone PLEASE explain the sinks at Kim & Kayne’s house.”

People had theories, with one person explaining: “the dark spots are the drain. the sinks are slightly concave down to the drain. hard to see in this pic, look at one farthest away.”

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Kim Kardashian solves the sink mystery

Kim Kardashian came to the rescue on her Instagram Stories today, showing fans exactly what’s up with those bathroom sinks and giving them a more thorough tour of their bonkers bathroom.

Someone had noticed a tiny drain and Kardashian confirmed that it’s there, noting in her Stories, “Okay, so since everyone’s a little bit confused about our sinks, I thought I would just show you guys a little tour of our bathroom.”

She then panned to the windows, showing a patio outside, a ceiling that’s a light box, a bathtub big enough for all the kids, their shower, and yes, the answer to those mystery sinks.

Kardashian explained how Kanye designed the sinks with other designers, going through eight versions to arrive at what they have now. There are two faucets and a tiny rectangular drain for each. She demonstrates by showing the slight slope of the surface and then runs the water to prove it’s functional. Not only does it work, but you can also increase the water pressure and there’s no backsplash and the water just makes it’s way down the small drain.

She also gave a quick look at the interesting light switches for the bathroom: three buttons without any fanfare, on, dim, and off.