Revealed: How Thomas Markle Just Broke Meghan Markle’s Heart Again

The relationship between dads and daughters is sometimes complicated, perhaps because the fathers don’t fully understand their daughters. If you can call that continuing disparity on men understanding women, it’s not necessarily the norm in every family. Unfortunately, it’s a little more complicated between Thomas Markle and his daughter, Meghan Markle.

At the center of this is the way he’s been breaking his daughter’s heart by creating so much needless drama. Despite the two seemingly being close at one time, why is Thomas Markle causing so much discord?

His most recent action was leaking private letters Meghan wrote to her father. Is it a mental health issue, or a monetary advantage?

What’s the truth on Thomas Markle not attending Meghan’s wedding?

We all remember the controversy last year when Thomas Markle refused to attend Meghan and Prince Harry’s wedding. There was initial questionable evidence of him having heart surgery at the time. He never called his daughter to explain his actions either, causing even more confusion as to how close they really were.

As we know, the real reason he didn’t show up to the wedding is that he’d staged paparazzi photos weeks before, arranged through Meghan’s half-sister, Samantha Grant. Media embarrassment was to blame, resulting in feigned illness as a cover.

While you can argue the stress of his daughter becoming a royal was another reason behind his decision, there seemed to be more going on under the surface.

Accusations from all directions

Meghan was clearly able to ease her mind about her dad’s actions. This still didn’t stop her from writing a personal letter to him requesting he stop his strange antics and selling out to the paparazzi.

Behind it all, there may be some personal reasons why Thomas Markle keeps causing problems for Meghan. We’ve covered recent accusations from half-brother Tom Markle, Jr. who wrote Harry a personal letter warning about Meghan supposedly bankrupting her dad. Latter had reportedly helped her get into an acting career through his own finances.

The sacrifices of parents are certainly a big part of successful showbiz careers. Is Thomas Markle torn on his relationship with Meghan because of this reported beef?

The complexity of family relationships

In our more complicated world, the relationships of some families can become impossibly complex based on certain situations. An organic love of a daughter can sometimes turn ugly if the parent feels like their child slighted them.

During his early days, Thomas Markle was a successful lighting director in Hollywood. Is it possible he has financial debts now and couldn’t resist cashing in on the royal fever?

Public perception on places like Twitter are mostly convinced Meghan’s outlying family are all just trying to make money off her name.

Leaking Meghan’s letter to the media broke her heart again

Breaking your daughter’s heart for a second time isn’t like baseball where you still get a third strike. When Thomas Markle recently leaked a five-page letter Meghan wrote to him several months after the wedding, it seemed like the last straw.

Then again, US Magazine reports Meghan was prepared for the worst. Maybe she really will give him yet another chance since creating familial peace is obviously important to her.

With the worst scenarios happening, how will Meghan amend things with her family? Is it possible, or does show business truly ruin family relationships just to get ahead?

Letting Meghan work it out on her own

George Clooney recently made a statement saying the media should stop bullying Meghan and obsessing over her family troubles. He warns it reminds him of Princess Diana all over again and said history seems to be repeating.

He has a point, and we wish Meghan can work out her drama without the media being a go-between. At the same time, it’s perhaps a warning tale to always be simpatico with your family on everything before delving into the world of showbiz and marrying a royal.