Revealed: Kim Kardashian’s Best Parenting Tip We Should All Follow

The secrets celebrities use on staying healthy are usually quite simple when they reveal what they are. It’s the same in wanting to become better parents, something every family with kids strives to learn. While you may not think a Kardashian is the best source for such information, you might be surprised at what you’ll find from Kim Kardashian.

While we’ve recently covered how Kim chose a new surrogate for her fourth child, what kind of parental advice can she impart about the kids she already has?

You’ll be surprised at how insightful this Kardashian is if her TV persona made you skeptical.

You need smart insight into parenting rather than just money

Despite Kim Kardashian being worth $350 million (double living with Kanye West), money doesn’t always solve parenting problems. We’ve seen more than our share of millionaire and billionaire families turned into parental disasters due to not providing proper education or attention when it mattered.

Fortunately, Kim grew up with the understanding you need good parenting to stay sane in Hollywood. She wasn’t always sane through her initial socialite journey, but she’s since smartened up since having children.

You can see evidence of this in various interviews over the last several years. However, a recent Extra TV interview gives us one particularly intelligent parenting tip anyone can use.

Sleep is the remedy for good parenting

In that Extra TV interview, Kim reveals one of her major secrets to staying healthy is simply getting enough sleep. As simple as this sounds, it’s not always easy to get a good night’s sleep when you’re as busy as a Kardashian. Yes, Kim really is busy and has numerous business interests, which has her on the go more often than you think.

When you add having three (and soon four) kids to the mix, you can’t be going to bed in the a.m. hours and expect to function well the next day.

She says in the Extra interview she often sleeps for an hour with her kids when first putting them to bed. Overall, she says she goes to bed early and wakes up at 5:45 a.m. to get her kids ready for school. Then she works out, followed by an intense work day until evening.

Kim Kardashian’s sleep patterns no doubt help her psoriasis

Kardashian’s Extra interview also reveals she has ongoing problems suffering from psoriasis, a common skin condition. This isn’t a major reveal since she’s posted pics on Instagram showing how severe it’s become. Thanks to her makeup artist (Mario Dedivanovic), she’s able to cover it up, though it’s far from easy.

Kim’s attention to extra sleep has probably made her skin condition slightly better than it otherwise would be. Sleep is going to do a lot more than just help you mentally. It’s also going to keep your physical health in check to deal with stress.

Again, Kim Kardashian really does work and has stress like the rest of us do. We should probably listen more attentively to see what other parental advice she has we often overlook.

The robbery in Paris changed Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West with children are seen leaving their hotel on August 29, 2016 in New York City. | Team GT/GC Images

During an interview with Redbook Magazine a couple of years ago, Kim revealed the 2016 attack and robbery she experienced in a Paris hotel room changed her view on things virtually overnight. No longer was she going to focus on just the material and hone in on what’s more important in life.

Part of this is making sure her kids understand what it’s like to have a job and earn money for themselves. You can’t ask for a better parenting tip from someone who has hundreds of millions of dollars at her disposal.

Even more importantly, she’s letting her kids decide who they want to be, including choosing their own clothes.

Let’s rejoice in seeing someone who’s usually accused of living a shallow Hollywood lifestyle having smarter parental advice than some middle-class families.