Revealed: The Duggar Rules John and Abbie Are Breaking

While Abbie Burnett charmed the viewers on the season opener of Counting On, there is plenty about 26-year-old Burnett that doesn’t meet the Duggar’s expectations. John, 28, apparently doesn’t care that Burnett is skirting the rules. It appears he is happily along for the ride, and on the February 11th episode officially popped the question, but what Duggar rules does Abbie not adhere to?

Abbie was seen wearing shorts

The Duggar ladies have long adhered to a dress code. Since they were first introduced to the television world pants and shorts were verboten. Abbie, however, doesn’t share the same view. The couple was spotted out over the summer during their courtship. Not only were they hanging out unchaperoned, but it is reported that Abby was wearing shorts, instead of the family’s uniform of a skirt or a dress.

Abbie has a job

Burnett, when she met John was working as a nurse. While higher education isn’t forbidden, girls in the ultra-conservative community are discouraged from holding jobs outside the home. Burnett bucked tradition by not only becoming a licensed nurse but practicing as well.

It doesn’t look like she is ready to give up her career now that she is married either. Burnett spent time last month getting herself registered as a nurse in Arkansas, now that the couple is officially married and settled into their new home.

John and Abbie were caught canoodling before marriage

John and Abbie have been open about the more relaxed approach they took to courting. In a recent episode of Counting On, John explained that they relaxed the rules on touching, as they are older and more mature than some of their siblings were when their courtships began.

While that all seems logical, the couple was spotted on an unchaperoned trip to Walmart during their courtship. During that activity, it is alleged that John went in for a butt grab, something that is strictly prohibited by Duggar dating rules, according to In Touch.

Duggar and Burnett explain that while they have been more physically affectionate during their courtship than some of the siblings, they did stop short at kissing. The pair saved their first kiss for their wedding day.

They opted for a non-traditional reception

Abbie and John are marching to the beat of their own drummer, and their wedding reflected just that. The pair opted to hold their reception in an airplane hangar and served breakfast foods to their guests. While John-David’s siblings have all attempted to bring a bit of whimsy into their weddings, none have gone so far away from traditional food offerings. Chocolate milk, cereal, and waffles were all on the menu before the pair took off in a private plane.

Now that the happy couple is married, there is undoubtedly more rule-breaking to come. The notoriously private John seems to have come out of his shell now that he has a leading lady, and it looks like they are prepared to really forge their own path together.