Revealed: This Is How Ariana Grande Is Getting Over Pete Davidson

There wasn’t a more fascinating love affair last summer than the one with Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson. No doubt the seeming mismatch created the initial interest, but then turned to obsession when we found out how much they had in common.

Ariana Grande singing
Ariana Grande | Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

At the same time, the mix of drama with both suffering from mental illness just made their union all the more compelling. It was almost set up to be a fleeting relationship, and it inevitably proved true.

Since then, Grande has done a number of things to analyze her time with Davidson, including finding ways to get over and forget him. Doing this through music isn’t necessarily easy to wipe out memories, though.

Ariana Grande focuses on her amazing career

Just about every musician or artist in history expressed love lost in their creative works. The examples of this are obvious across the musical spectrum from classical music to today’s Top 40.

Most of us who face life hardships often find solace in our work, and Ariana Grande is one who relates. Her recent songs seemed to turn into therapy sessions, particularly in how conversational they are. As a result, those songs have found a strong connection with Grande’s fans who just helped her make history by matching The Beatles on the Billboard charts.

Has Grande been able to use these songs as therapy so she can forget about her tumultuous relationship with Pete Davidson? If it’s like some famous breakups in history, forgetting isn’t always easy.

How Grande described her method of getting over Pete Davidson

In a recent interview on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Grande expressed her feelings about matching The Beatles Billboard record. During the interview, she also noted she has nothing else to do in her life except to make music and rehearse. As a result, her personal life is now “non-existent.”

While this might seem like a healthy way to remove a bad relationship out of one’s mind, it can also withhold a lot of feelings that should probably be expressed to a therapist.

We don’t know if Grande is doing therapy now, though it’s essential due to career pressures and what she’s gone through. It’s more than likely she’s had some form of help after suffering PTSD from the horrific suicide bombing at her Manchester U.K. concert in 2017.

Being reminded of relationships through songs

If you look back to the classic singers of past decades, almost all had bad relationships that were referenced in their own music or interpretations. Frank Sinatra, for one, always seemed to make allusions to his love affair with Ava Gardner years after they broke up. The same goes with other women in his life later.

Ariana Grande is doing the same thing and putting the pieces of her relationship with Pete Davidson into her songs. Assuming she’s still singing those songs 20 or 30 years from now, what kind of memories will they conjure while she’s performing on stage?

Interestingly enough, Grande recently revealed she wrote several versions of Thank u, next, just in case she and Davidson happened to marry.

Grande will probably find new love when she least suspects it

Despite Grande’s comment she has no plans to date again soon (or for the rest of her life), we’ve all seen how relationships can start up all over again virtually overnight.

We shouldn’t necessarily use the example of Pete Davidson moving on to dating Kate Beckinsale so quickly. Still, Grande is supportive of Davidson’s new dating choice.

Ariana will likely find someone again, maybe during a time when she has a career break for more focus. Let’s just hope she doesn’t copy Taylor Swift and write a song about every past relationship. To truly forget, having a massive song diary in old age isn’t always the best artistic decision.