Revealed: What Prince Harry Is Really Like In Person

England’s Prince Harry has spent his entire life in the public eye and there is a lot we know about him, but only people who have spent time with the royal know what he’s really like in person.

Here’s what someone who covered the prince for years had to say about his personality and if he’s actually a nice person.

Prince Harry
Prince Harry | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

He’s not as confident as people think

Duncan Larcombe was the royal editor of The Sun for over a decade and covered Harry more than any other members of the royal family. Larcombe has also written a biography about Prince Charles and Princess Diana‘s youngest son titled Prince Harry: The Inside Story.

From that infamous Nazi costume to his partying ways, Larcombe cleared up some the biggest misconceptions about the prince. One of the most surprising things he revealed is that Harry is not as confident as he appears. According to the journalist, the Duke of Sussex is the opposite.

“He is actually quite an insecure person and isn’t the most confident of characters,” Larcombe explained. “The army helped his confidence but before he went to Sandhurst he used to do the classic things that people who are lacking in self–confidence do: Like acting the fool the whole time, messing around, getting himself into trouble, saying things he shouldn’t… He isn’t a big, confident character. He’s full of self-doubt in my opinion.”

Harry is down to earth

Prince Harry
Prince Harry | Samir Hussein/WireImage

While most members of the royal family aren’t thought to be down to earth at all, Larcombe noted that Harry is.

The author talked about how one time when he went to meet him in Lesotho the duke played a game of football with the members of the press. After that, Larcombe remembered Harry sat down to have a conversation with those who were gathered there and the atmosphere was very “chilled out” and “relaxed.”

At that moment Larcombe recalled thinking “This guy’s quite a nice lad,” adding that “You would never have a chat like that with the queen or Prince Charles. It was very surreal.”

He’s very good with kids

Prince Harry
Prince Harry | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Finally, Larcombe revealed that Prince Harry is “really good with kids,” which is great news considering that he will be a father himself very soon as Markle is due to give birth to their first child any day.

The journalist admits that while he never saw the prince interact with Prince William and Kate Middleton’s children, there were “many times I’ve seen him where he has to talk to a child and he just connects with them. Suddenly, it is like there is no one else in the world other than the child. He plays with them and makes them laugh and half the time they don’t have a clue who he is and he likes that.”

Sounds like Harry will be a natural at fatherhood.

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