Revealed: Why Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani Are Taking It Slow

Ever since the early rumblings of a relationship began in 2014, until they made it social media official in 2016, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani have been one of music’s hottest couples. The pair is clearly crazy for each other, and waste no opportunity to gush about what makes the other so great.

They seem so happy together that fans have been wondering when Shelton and Stefani will solidify their status with an engagement – but so far, no dice. However, there might be very good reasons why the mature pair is taking it slow.

Blake Shelton’s relationship history

He’s one of the biggest voices in country music, and ever since his debut single “Austin” first hit the charts in 2001, Blake Shelton has been a hot commodity. His relationships, on the other hand, have been a little more up and down then has his steady career. From 2003 to 2006, Shelton was married to his longtime girlfriend Kaynette Williams. Little is known about their relationship, but once Shelton met fellow singer Miranda Lambert in 2005, the death knell seemed to have sounded on Shelton’s marriage to Gern.

Shelton and Lambert became an official couple shortly after Shelton’s divorce, and the two dated for four years. They were married in 2010 and for five years, they were one of country music’s most beloved couples. Although they seemed to be a happy couple, rumblings of infidelity plagued the couple throughout their marriage, with some tabloid reports also claiming that while Shelton was ready to start a family, Lambert wasn’t ready for children. In 2015, Shelton and Lambert announced their divorce, and shortly thereafter, Shelton and Stefani, co-stars on The Voicewere outed as a couple.

Gwen Stefani’s past marriage

Stefani has been one of the most popular singers in the world since the late ’90s when she first rose to fame with her band “No Doubt.” Though Stefani’s career has always been red-hot, and not without controversy, her personal life, for the longest time, seemed to be without issue. In 1995, Stefani met “Bush” frontman Gavin Rossdale, and the two dated for years until finally tying the knot in 2002. 

They had three children together and seemed to be the picture of happiness. However, shortly after the birth of their third son, in August 2015, Stefani and Rossdale announced that they were splitting. No reason for the divorce beyond the standard “irreconcilable differences” was ever given, and fans were left wondering where it all went wrong. They didn’t have long to ponder, for Stefani was soon revealed to be dating Blake Shelton, also recently divorced.

When will Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani get married?

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Ever since the news of their relationship was first revealed, fans have been watching and waiting for the big engagement announcement. But Stefani and Shelton themselves seem to be in no real rush. Recent reports state that the two are quite happy with their current status – that is, in a happy and stable relationship. 

It is likely that since Shelton and Stefani have both been married before, both to fellow musicians, they are wary of moving too quickly and jinxing anything. Shelton, in particular, has two marriages under his belt already, to Stefani’s one. Furthermore, Stefani has three young children, so she would naturally be concerned with their feelings about their mother getting married again. No matter what the real reason may be, Shelton and Stefani seem to be truly happy together – so whether they decide to get married, or just keep things going as they are, it’s highly likely that fans will continue to see this red-hot couple around for many years to come.