Critics Loved ‘A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood’, But What Do Mr. Rogers Fans Really Think?

2019 film A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, directed by filmmaker Marielle Heller, stars Oscar-winning actor Tom Hanks as the beloved children’s program host Fred Rogers. While the film has enjoyed positive reviews from critics, what do Mr. Rogers stans and movie-lovers have to say about the new movie?

Tom Hanks attends A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood screening
Tom Hanks attends A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood screening | Dominik Bindl/FilmMagic

The Mr. Rogers movie has a good rating on Rotten Tomatoes

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood currently enjoys a 96% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, as well as a healthy 80% on Metacritic. Critics and fans have been raving, in particular, about Hanks’ performance as Mr. Rogers.

Hanks’ co-star Matthew Rhys told Entertainment Weekly about his incredible take on Mr. Rogers.

“I just had this moment,” Rhys said. “[Hanks] was just doing this little bit of a walk.” But then, Rhys explained, “there was something he did with his hands. And then I just went, ‘Oh my God!’”

Joanne Rogers, Mr. Rogers’ wife, has also expressed her approval of the new film.

Joanne Rogers, Fred Rogers' wife, and Marielle Heller at A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood screening
Joanne Rogers, Fred Rogers’ wife, and Marielle Heller attend a screening of A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood | Paul Bruinooge/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

“This script was perfect,” Mrs. Rogers told press at a screening of A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.

‘A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood’: Twitter reviews

Movie fans were excited to see the new Mr. Rogers movie, even though they expected tears to be part of the experience. One Twitter user wrote: “wearing ripped jeans & a leather jacket to see A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood so at least I’ll look cool while I’m weeping.”

However, most tweeters had only wonderful things to say about their viewing experience.

“If you’re lookin for a good family movie this holiday season, I give the highest recommendation to ‘A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood,'” a movie fan wrote. They thought it was “terrific & very uplifting” and offered “great performances all around.”

Reporter Joshua Trent Brown also gushed about the new film.

“I can honestly say that reviews about A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood wont mean much to me, because it was exactly what I wanted it to be,” Brown wrote. “What a wonderful film about my childhood hero.”

Comedian and talk show host Arsenio Hall also shared his opinion on the social media site.

“Ever go see a movie with a preconceived notion of what it’s going to be? Then it turns out to be nothing like what you expected. And you love it a lot more than you thought you ever would!” Hall tweeted. He finished off the tweet with the hashtag: “#embarrassedIcriedtwice.”

Voice actor SungWon Cho tweeted that he honestly wondered, “can tom hanks REALLY pull off playing mr. rogers?” His tweet was decisive: “of course he does so phenomenally because he’s tom hanks, you f*cking idiot,” Cho wrote to no one else but himself.

“So I just saw ‘A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood,'” another tweeter wrote. “Let’s just say tears were shed, And please go see it words cannot do it justice just please go see it.”

A sign of the times: Instagram also weighs in on the new Tom Hanks movie

Movie fans also took to the A Beautiful in the Neighborhood official Instagram to express their opinions.

“This movie was everything I’d hoped it would be and more,” one Instagram user commented on the movie’s account.

“This movie will change lives. Mine included. Thank you,” another user wrote. Let’s hope A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood lives up to the hype for you, too.