‘RHOA’: Did Porsha Williams and Her Fiance Break Up?

For some reason, the housewives never seem to have it easy in the land of love. No matter which city of the franchise the women are from, their relationships with their significant others are always tense points in their storylines.

One housewife who has had more than her fair share of romance turmoil is Porsha Williams. When we were first introduced to Williams, she was the doting wife of football player Kordell Stewart. She asked his permission for pretty much everything that she did.

Fast forward and Stewart left Williams, causing her to have to find a job and figure out how to do things on her own.

After several seasons of dating men who weren’t on the same page as Williams, it seemed like she had finally gotten it right by getting together with serial entrepreneur Dennis McKinley.

The two announced their engagement in October of 2018 and just welcomed their first child into the world on March 22.

But things may not be all sunshine and roses in the world of Mckinley and Williams.

Did Williams and McKinley break up?

Fans started to guess that there was trouble in paradise between McKinley and Williams over Memorial Day Weekend. All of the drama started when people noticed that Williams unfollowed McKinley on Instagram.

While that may not be so unusual in the regular world, in the land of reality television stars, a social media unfollow is akin to a breakup.

To make matters worse, Williams’ sister Lauren and her mother Diane also unfollowed her fiance.

Did Williams comment on the alleged breakup?

Williams never commented directly on the breakup but she did post a very interesting message on her Instagram that led fans to believe that she and McKinley were going through something.

“Not gonna worry tonight,” the picture read on Instagram. “God had it LAST time. God has it THIS time.”

She posted the photo with a caption of praying hands and hearts.

What did fans have to say?

Fans were quick to comment on the situation, offering Williams advice.

Some wanted Williams to mend whatever rift had come between her and McKinley.

“Get your man and keep him,” one user wrote under the photo. “Be a family for babygirl PJ she needs him and you. You can do this! Sending ❤️ and prayers. This is what marriage is WORK and pushing through.”

“I hope the family is ok and Dennis and you are ok. Whatever it is, this too shall pass!!” another user wrote. “Rumors are just that.”

Others were more concerned for Williams than McKinley.

“Baby Girl hold your head up before your crown falls,” one person said. “Pull yourself together. You GOT this.”

“Girl!!! Let us know if he needs to be ran up on!!! #weaintplayinginthesestreets,” another said.

Did Williams and McKinley actually break up?

The feud must have ended just as quickly as it started because as of Tuesday, Williams is now following her fiance again. Whether that is just to throw people off the breakup trail or the couple really is on the mend, is unknown.