‘RHOA’: How Porsha Williams Got Her Body Back After Giving Birth

The women of The Real Housewives are known for a few things, having money and always trying to look good. And while having funds may certainly help with the latter, staying in shape still isn’t easy.

One city where appearances are of the utmost importance is Atlanta. The women of RHOA are quick to throw shade on one another if one of them doesn’t look up to par.

Porsha Williams is known for her good looks. Her hair is always in place, her makeup always slays, and her body is amazing.

But after giving birth, Williams, like most people, was having some trouble bouncing back.

How did Williams get her body back?

After giving birth to her daughter in March, Williams hasn’t been showing off her body as much as her fans are used to. But yesterday, she took to Instagram to reveal the progress that she has made.

“Sooo I have def been taking my time when it comes to losing my baby weight! I’m big on enjoying every step of this experience and I didn’t want to cloud it with worrying about my size. I have thoroughly been enjoying motherhood and making Pj priority number one!” she wrote under a video of her in the mirror.

After taking some time to enjoy motherhood, Williams set her sights back on her health.

“However lately I’ve decided to start eating healthy and drinking a gang of water and I actually can see some early changes in my body.”

Her dietary changes have really been more for health reasons than to get a snatched body.

“I really don’t believe in the snap back thing for me too much or put pressure on myself… I’m just celebrating me starting to FEEL like myself again after childbirth. I still don’t think I’m ready to start working out so I’ll probably wait another month to get in gym so for now it’s just portion control and good food choices.”

What does Williams have to say to other moms?

For new moms, it can be a struggle to learn to love their new body. And for celebrities, especially, the pressure to immediately get skinny is extreme.

But Williams has a message to any mom feeling down about herself.

“To all the new mommies out there love your new body no matter what stage you are in because you are a warrior and have accomplished a true miracle by creating new life!!” she wrote. “Ps: Yes I still have a FUPA and I love it!!”

Williams’ relationship

Williams’ relationship with the father of her child, Dennis McKinley, has not gone so smoothly. The pair, who were set to be married, called off their engagement this summer after rumors of cheating started floating around.

“They don’t really spend any time together except when they are co-parenting,” a source told Radar Online.

Williams did, however, recently wish McKinley a happy birthday on Instagram.

“Happy 39th Dennis,” she wrote, but she didn’t tag him as she doesn’t follow him anymore.

The couple is reportedly still filming scenes for The Real Housewives of Atlanta together, though, so maybe they will be able to rekindle the romance that they once had.