‘RHOA’: Is Porsha Williams Planning Baby No. 2?

When Porsha Williams had her daughter, Pilar Jhena, it was a dream come true. During the years she’s been on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, she’s been through a divorce, swam in the dating pool, found love with Dennis McKinley, and broke up with him too. After some uncertainty in her love life, she’s definitely happy about becoming a mom, but what’s up with baby number two?

Porsha Williams
‘RHOA’ cast member Porsha Williams and daughter Pilar Jhena | Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Fans have been curious about another baby for Williams

Williams has slowly but surely become a fan favorite cast member on RHOA, and people are interested in her plans to grow her family. Baby PJ (as Williams calls her) is only eight months old, but there’s talk of giving her a sibling. Fans hit up Dish Nation to ask whether Williams and McKinley are planning to get pregnant again and she answered the question directly.

“We’ve been talking about and if it does not happen by PJ’s birthday or by June—my birthday next year—then it won’t be happening…  so.”

When co-host Da Brat pressed to see if the couple’s been trying for a second child or are waiting for an “oops,” Williams responded with an “If it happens it happens.”

Translation? It sounds like they’re on a timetable but if a pregnancy happens on its own, they’ll take it.

Williams and McKinley split up briefly but are getting back on track

While it seemed like things were going peachy for Porsha for a while, news of her breakup hit the web during the summer. Rumors of infidelity spread on social media, and though she initially stayed quiet about things in real life, Williams has been open about her relationship woes on this season of RHOA.

The pair got engaged in September 2018—a scene that played out on the show—but Williams confirmed that her fiancé was unfaithful during her pregnancy and that was the cause of their problems. She’s been talking about her pain on RHOA and viewers have seen the two go to couples’ counseling. According to what Williams said on the radio, they’ve been taking it one day at a time.

Wedding bells are coming for Porsha and Dennis

One thing Williams has assured fans of is that she and McKinley are engaged again and are shooting for a wedding sometime in 2020. US Weekly reported that Williams discussed their re-engagement when she was a guest on Watch What Happens Live on Dec. 1. They haven’t set a date yet, but Williams is back to wearing the same engagement ring that she was originally given.

Baby PJ was born in March 2019, but Williams doesn’t mind if she has another baby and her children are back to back. For fans of Porsha Williams and her personal story, it will be a matter of waiting to see if she’ll be walking down the aisle first or cradling her second bundle of joy.

While some aren’t happy that she reconciled with McKinley, others are hopeful that the duo can work things out and build a strong foundation for their family—no matter how many babies are in their future.