‘RHOA’ Kenya Moore and Marc Daly’s Marriage Issues Are All About Money

Season 12 of Real Housewives of Atlanta has been challenging to watch. Both Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams have been trying to navigate relationship issues. Also, the return of NeNe Leakes has sent the entire cast into a tizzy.

While Williams has managed to patch things up with her fiancé and the father of her daughter, Dennis McKinley — Moore’s relationship with her husband, Marc Daly, is crumbling every week.

Since the couple has announced their intent to divorce, more details about their tumultuous marriage have come to light. It appears that a ton of their problems have to do with money.

Kenya Moore’s ‘RHOA’ salary was cut drastically because of her marriage to Marc Daly

Moore tooK her marriage to Daly extremely seriously. In 2017 when they secretly wed, she refused to let the Bravo team know about it. Daly also expressed disinterest in filming so Moore did not appear on Season 11 of RHOA.

When she came back in Season 12, she was forced to take a massive pay cut. Her $1.5 million salary was slashed to just $500,000. It didn’t help that Daly obviously dislikes his wife and talks to her any type of way. An insider told All About The Tea that the only reason Daly married Moore was because she promised to pay off his debts. However, her “drama” has led him to get out of the relationship.

Marc Daly only began seeing Kenya Moore to help her failing businesses

If that isn’t humiliating enough, Daly has now come forward to explain that he only began seeing Moore to help with her failing businesses. On a recent episode of RHOA, he told Moore, “Kenya Moore Hair Care was a little messy when we met. I helped you fix it. That’s what we do!”

An insider told Radar Online, “Marc told the whole truth. He was very involved in helping her straighten out her business. He didn’t want to be tied to her. That’s why he didn’t want to get married on paper. She wanted a prenup and he did not.”

It also didn’t help that Daly never agreed to move to Atlanta to be with Moore and their daughter, he always wanted to stay in Brooklyn, New York. “There was never an agreement for them to live together,” the source said. “He always stated he wanted to stay in New York City, and she wanted to stay in Atlanta for the show.”

Marc Daly refused to get a prenup

Moore is a very wealthy woman, which is why a prenup seemed essential to protecting her assets. However, Daly wouldn’t hear of it. “We never had a discussion about [a] prenup because, for me, you bring up prenup to me, it’s over,” Daly explained on RHOA. “I’m not going to marry someone who has a prenup. If you’re with me, you’re all the way with me or you’re not with me. You know what I told her? ‘You can have it. I’ll build another one.’ I told her that. ‘You can have everything, just take it all. You can take everything I don’t care. I built it from scratch, I can do it again.'”

It appears in addition to getting his hands on Moore’s money with this divorce — Daly also has another family. “Marc has always been distant from Kenya and she assumed it was because he lived in Brooklyn but found out that he’s been seeing another woman that he has kids with,” an insider told All About the Tea. “Marc has been seeing this woman for years and loves her very much.”