‘RHOA’ Fans Say NeNe Leakes Is Asking to Get Fired After Fight with Andy Cohen

NeNe Leakes started a feud with Andy Cohen after the latter poked fun of The Real Housewives of Atlanta star for wearing the same dress twice. The Watch What Happens Live host revealed that the strap on the dress had ripped off and he was happy to see that it was repaired for Leakes’ to reuse it. The RHOA star was seen with the red outfit during the interviews on the show.

Andy Cohen and NeNe Leakes
Andy Cohen and NeNe Leakes | Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

“By the way, one of Nene’s confessional looks this year is the same dress she wore to our big doorbell show in L.A. where the strap broke, so I guess she fixed her strap, which we love,” Cohen said.

The Housewives producer said he didn’t mean his comment to be shady, but his guests Ashanti and Eva Marcille, believed otherwise as they were seen laughing.

After that, Leakes reacted on social media calling out Cohen for making fun of her.

“Can somebody please tell me what was the point of this?” she wrote on Instagram. “Like I don’t get it. That was 2 years ago I wore this dress ONCE, so I can’t sit in a confessional with it on @bravoandy. How many times have you recycled your suits and ties? #pointless #messy why you care?”

“It’s enough that we #RHOA ladies come for each other and now we have to worry about executives coming for us!” Leakes continued. “No, I mean coming for me! It’s not cool. Wasn’t you interviewing those girls? What you mad about? Y’all stay coming for me but soon as I say something or do something I’m wrong. I DONT APPRECIATE THIS AT ALL.”

However, when a user on Instagram replied to her post agreeing that Cohen was being shady, Leakes dropped another bombshell.

“I am not his [favorite]. Trust me on that. I know a lot of things you don’t,” the Atlanta resident replied.

Fans have a theory on why NeNe Leakes lashed out at Andy Cohen

Viewers of RHOA believe that Leakes wants to get fired from the show publicly feuding with Cohen that way. No other current housewife has come for the Bravo host and executive in that manner and fans don’t think it will end well for her.

“[NeNe Leakes] wants to get fired from housewives so bad,” a fan tweeted.

“Nene getting a whole new level of messing coming for Andy. B***h better watch out she doesn’t get fired. Typical Nene, always turning things around to play the victim,” another viewer added.

“At this point, Nene seems to be begging to be fired,” a verified Twitter user commented. “Between this and her being absent from the first two episodes of RHOA this season, one has to wonder what really went down behind the scenes — and more importantly, if we’ll ever find out.”

“Nene is going after Andy now for his comment about wearing the same dress from 2 years ago. Girl, bye. [You’re] going to be out of a job soon. Better not go after your boss like that for a joke and he wasn’t being shady about it,” another viewer said.

The feud between Cohen and Leakes comes after she revealed she was not too sure of returning to RHOA after season 12 ends. For now, fans can continue to watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta on Sunday nights starting at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.