‘RHOA:’ Nene Leakes Says Kenya Moore Is Hypocritical – Clips of Moore Speaking of Her Co-Stars Marriages Resurface

Fans are still waiting for the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion, but the cast has been involved in enough drama to keep viewers entertained. Nene Leakes’s ongoing feuds with Eva Marcille and Kenya Moore continue to make headlines as the three battle it out over social media and through interviews.

Nene Leakes and Kenya Moore
Nene Leakes and Kenya Moore via Twitter

Season 12 is still underway, with more episodes to air at least for the next month. A preview clip for the April 5 episode shows Leakes explaining the fall out of the cast trip to Greece and explains what her breaking point was with Moore.

Leakes says her frustration with Moore derives from feeling that Moore is a hypocrite for getting offended that the cast speaks on her marital trouble, when Moore herself has a history of doing the same to her co-stars. 

Nene Leakes says Kenya Moore is hypocritical

Moore admitted to Leakes that she harbors resentment over feeling that Leakes compared her daughter to a buffalo during her pregnancy. Leakes explained to her husband Gregg that the comment was directed to Moore’s size and not to her unborn child. She took issue with Moore getting offended at her for speaking about her family.

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“Have you forgot you’ve talked about everybody’s marriage, you’ve talked about people’s children, you’ve been involved in people’s relationship,” Leakes said. “But when it’s done to you, it’s like oh it’s off-limits.”

Leakes was not remorseful, especially because during the current season, Leakes feels that Moore’s behavior was consistent with what she’s done in the past.

Moore faced backlash for revealing that Tanya Sam’s fiance allegedly flirted with another woman. Moore even arranged an ambush meeting between Sam and the woman in question. 

‘RHOA’ showed flashbacks of Kenya Moore speaking negatively of her co-star’s marriages

During Leakes’s conversation with her husband, several flashbacks of Moore speaking about her co-star’s marital flaws were shown. Moore has had the most issues with Porsha Williams, and former RHOA star Phaedra Parks.

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Moore accused Williams’s marriage to Kordell Stewart of being a sham, with Williams playing the role of his trophy wife. Moore also alleged that Stewart was part of the LGBT+ community and used Williams as “his beard.”

While Williams and Moore started off on the wrong foot, Moore and Parks were initially friends. Their friendship soured when they had a falling out over a business deal.

Moore famously flirted with Parks’s husband, Apollo Nida, while on a cast trip in Anguilla – which left Parks unsettled. Moore even joked that she wanted to be intimate with Nida.

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Over the next few years, Moore and Parks hurled insults at one another. Parks accused Moore of trying to have an affair with Nida, which he later admitted was a lie. Moore taunted Parks that her marriage with Nida was wrecked with infidelity, with Nida wanting to stray with her. When Nida was arrested and charged with fraud, Moore considered it karma.

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While she acknowledges that she has made comments about her co-star’s relationship, she says it’s part of being a housewife and they all “throw shade” toward one another.