‘RHOA:’ Porsha Williams Details Her Transition From Shady Housewife to Civil Rights Protestor

Porsha Williams is expanding her visibility outside of her work on RHOA. The 39-year-old Georgia peach is arguably the most active housewife in the Black Lives Matter Movement. She’s using her platform to bring awareness to the racial and social injustices of Black people by protesting. Participating in a protest led to her arrest but she refuses to stop.

Porsha Williams
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Fans of the reality star are proud of her work but she admits in a new interview that many were under the impression that her work in Civil Rights is a fad. Williams lets the world know that fighting for change and justice is her new calling.

Porsha Williams says she began protesting as a result of George Floyd’s murder 

The nearly nine-minute video chronicling the devastating moments leading to George Floyd taking his last breath has been seen throughout the world. 

Williams tells The New York Times that after mustering up the courage to watch the video, she knew she needed to take action.

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“When I saw that video of George Floyd being murdered, I knew that I had to change the way I was moving,” she says. “That meant now I have to sacrifice myself, my finance, my brand, my everything, and put it all on the line for change.”

Porsha Williams comes from a legacy of Civil Rights activists

While this is the most active fans of RHOA have witnessed Williams be in this type of work, she’s not foreign to Civil Rights. Williams is the daughter of Hosea Williams, who marched alongside Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Williams remembers her first instance of encountering racism. She explains to The New York Times that she was met by the KKK while marching with her grandfather when she was just five-years-old. The moment was terrifying for her as they threw rocks and yelled racial obscenities.

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“My feelings were so hurt that anybody — well, I just didn’t understand why they hated us. I didn’t even really understand what the word meant, but I know that the way that it was said to me, it was with such hate,” she recalls.

Prior to her current work, Williams was actively working with her grandfather’s foundation, Hosea Feed The Hungry. She remains an employee of the organization in Georgia.

Porsha Williams admits of ‘RHOA’ fansskepticism about her protesting

Fans know Williams’ giddy personality and ability to verbally demolish some of her co-stars during verbal spats. But, Williams insists there’s much more to her. 

She’s a former evangelist and still holds her Christian values close to her. Still, her television persona made the transition to Civil Rights difficult.

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She tells the New York Times that a fan invited her to a local protest in Georgia via Instagram just days after Floyd’s death. One fan was not convinced of Williams’ interest.

“Not degrading or putting her down, I love Porsha, but that’s just not her cup of tea,” the fan responded to the invite.

Williams did not let the remark deter her and she gathered her family to join the protest. She hasn’t stopped her participation since.