‘RHOA’: Inside Porsha Williams and Eva Marcille’s Feud

Season 12 of the Real Housewives of Atlanta is just getting started, but the claws have already come out between a few of the women. We’ve heard about the massive feud between Kenya Moore and Nene Leakes, which involved everything from name-calling to a spitting incident. There also seems to be some issues between Leakes and Cynthia Bailey. However, tensions between Porsha Williams and Eva Marcille are very new.

Marcille tried to deny that she had any issues with Williams in the past. However, it looks like their feud has become much too obvious to ignore. Here’s everything we know about what’s gone down between the ladies and why their feud is dividing the entire Real Housewives of Atlanta cast. 

Porsha Williams and Eva Marcille’s feud began with a birthday party

To celebrate her daughter, Brooklyn Daly’s first birthday — Kenya Moore threw her baby girl a Barbie-themed soiree. At the time, Marcille, who was pregnant with her third child –Maverick Sterling did not bring her older children Marley and Michael Jr. to the party. Most people thought it was odd that that former Top Model decided not to bring her kids to a child’s party.

Marcille was later heard saying she left her babies behind because she “wasn’t’ sure what the vibe would be.” Williams apparently felt some kind of way about the comments, and she quickly told Moore what Marcille said.

Eva Marcille threw shade at Porsha Williams

During a recent appearance on The Real –– Marcille denied having any issues with Moore. However, in an RHOA clip, but she did throw shade at Williams for starting drama. In the clip she said,

Porsha just had a baby and I tiptoed around her whole little feelings. Come on now. B*** if you want me to go off…Porsha has enough b——-t going on in her life. She can converse about that. She needs some business. And I can float her a lot of these blogs so she can mind that business. Porsha may want to stay all the way up out of my business. She still got her C-section healing and she over here worried about somebody else’s babies.

Porsha Williams reacted to Eva Marcille telling her to mind her business

After seeing Marcille shade her on the RHOA — Williams hopped on Instagram to respond. She said, “We never lose friends. We simply learn who the real ones are.” She added a snake emoji to the comment and unfollowed Marcielle on Instagram.

The ‘RHOA’ cast is divided over the Porsha Williams and Eva Marcille drama

An insider told Hollywood Life, that this has made things very awkward for the entire cast. They explained,

The Eva and Porsha feud has divided the Atlanta ladies. It’s Porsha, Kenya Moore and Tanya Sam versus Cynthia Bailey, Eva and NeNe Leakes with Kandi Burgess in the middle. Porsha threw shade at Eva on social media because of a clip from the second episode that she saw. She was bent out of shape because she saw Eva explain her reason for not bringing her kids to Kenya’s party and felt that Eva told two different stories. The rift is causing a divide amongst the cast members, forcing the women to take sides. The sad thing is is that Eva and Porsha were getting along amazingly well and so were Kenya and Eva. Porsha has used a snake to signify Eva before, so Porsha using a snake in her shade on social this week seems to signify Eva.

Yikes, at the end of the day, Marcille can do what she wants with her kiddos –this seems like some drama that should’ve never happened.