‘RHOA’ Porsha Williams’ Fiancé Dennis McKinley Just Revealed Why He Cheated

Season 12 of Real Housewives of Atlanta has been challenging to watch. This should be the happiest time in Porsha Williams’ life. She recently gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl,  Pilar “PJ” Jhena, and she is engaged to her businessman fiancé, Dennis McKinley.

Unfortunately, McKinley’s infidelity during Williams’ pregnancy has wreaked havoc on the couple’s relationship and Williams’ emotional state. When the reality starlet discovered that McKinley had cheated on her, she immediately broke off their engagement.

Though they are currently back together, this season of RHOA showcases how challenging it has been for the duo to get to this point. Now, McKinley has revealed his reason for cheating on Williams and it’s honestly awful.

Dennis McKinley carried on an affair throughout Porsha Williams’ pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful and challenging thing. Women’s bodies and hormones work overtime to grow and nurture another human being and bring them into the world as safely as possible. Throughout the 40 week journey you would hope that your partner would be a safe, secure, and trustworthy place for you.

Unfortunately, some men are selfish, awful people who think only of themselves and their wants and needs. Since Williams had a challenging pregnancy — McKinley thought it was OK to go out and have an affair with someone else.

When Williams discovered the infidelity just three months after her daughter was born, she immediately pulled the plug on her engagement.

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Dennis McKinely just revealed why he cheated on Porsha Williams

On the most recent episode of RHOA –the entrepreneur revealed exactly why he cheated on Williams and his excuse is honestly horrible. During a therapy session with Dr. Sherry Blake, he said,

We had a rough pregnancy, all the way from start to finish. Sex during pregnancy, it’s nothing what a man wants to do … and after PJ got here, postpartum was very real. We cried together like every night. That’s not a good enough why, but that’s the why. It was a poor decision and it was a selfish decision. I made a mistake, I cheated. … I’ve done my best to let Porsha know that I love her and I’m remorseful and apologetic. The priority for me is the baby.

Porsha Williams wasn’t trying to hear Dennis McKinley’s excuses

Like many people watching, Williams was insulted by McKinley’s reasoning behind his infidelity. “A mistake, to me, is taking the wrong exit. You don’t make a mistake and set up with someone and cheat,” said Williams. “That’s not where he needs to be in order for me to heal and move forward. He needs to be in a place in my eyes where he’s taking full accountability for his actions, period. No matter how it looks and feels. It insults me when he says mistake. I’m terribly disappointed and I’m hurt.”

Still — Williams knew that she wanted to do what as best for herself and her family.

Porsha Williams and Dennis McKinley have worked hard to get their relationship back on track

RHOA episodes are taped well in advance, therefore several months have passed since McKinley’s revelation. Though the pair won’t wed on New Year’s Day as they had originally planned, they are re-engaged.

During a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen  Williams explained her relationship status. “[We’re] still working it out. We’re working on our family. It takes time,” Williams said. “I love him and he loves me and we’re doing what’s best for our family. That’s really all you can do. You have to have trust.”

We wish Williams the best.