‘RHOA’: Porsha Williams Just Shaded Dennis McKinley on Instagram

It’s been a tumultuous season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Many of the ladies have had feuds and drama. We’ve watched romantic relationships thrive and crumble, and no one seems to know how things will pan out as Season 12 comes to a close.

One person who has struggled the most this season is Porsha Williams. After giving birth to her adorable baby girl, PJ — Williams discovered that her fiancé Dennis McKinley had been cheating on her. It was devastating news and caused Williams to promptly end their engagement and relationship.

However, several months later after extensive therapy and working through their issues, the radio personality and the businessman are on better terms. They are engaged again and working on building a solid foundation. Yet, from one of Williams’ more recent Instagram posts, it looks like they are a long way from walking down the aisle.

Dennis McKinley revealed why he cheated on Porsha Williams

In one of their therapy sessions, as they tried to work things through, McKinley shared his “reasoning” for cheating on Williams throughout her pregnancy.

“We had a rough pregnancy, all the way from start to finish,” he said. “Sex during pregnancy, it’s nothing what a man wants to do … and after PJ got here, postpartum was very real. We cried together like every night. That’s not a good enough why, but that’s the why. It was a poor decision and it was a selfish decision. I made a mistake, I cheated. … I’ve done my best to let Porsha know that I love her and I’m remorseful and apologetic. The priority for me is the baby.”

Williams was naturally horrified by his excuse. “A mistake, to me, is taking the wrong exit. You don’t make a mistake and set up with someone and cheat,” she said. “That’s not where he needs to be in order for me to heal and move forward. He needs to be in a place in my eyes where he’s taking full accountability for his actions, period. No matter how it looks and feels. It insults me when he says mistake. I’m terribly disappointed and I’m hurt.”

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Porsha Williams and Dennis McKinley are taking things slow

Though they are re-engaged, and they are working through things, their reunion hasn’t been perfect. McKinley found himself on the blogs again recently when he was spotted at dinner with several women. Though the meeting seemed to be innocent, it certainly wasn’t a good look for him.

They’re together, happy and engaged but aren’t wedding planning at the moment,” an insider told Hollywood Life. “They’re just working on becoming as solid as they can again before walking back down that road. Porsha and Dennis are keeping their relationship and the ins and outs of it a little more private now that they’ve reconciled but they seem to be doing well. hey just don’t want people prying too much. It’s taken a lot of communication, but she’s really working on trusting him again. It’s been shown a lot on the show, but they’ve been in therapy. Her family had more trouble forgiving him than she did, but they love and support Porsha and want her to be happy.”

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Porsha Williams just shaded Dennis McKinley on Instagram

While Williams has worked hard to forgive McKinley it’s clear that she has plans on forgetting. She recently shared a shady post seemingly aimed towards him on Instagram.

The RHOA star posted a quote that read, “[Guys] say anything to get they girl back. ‘I’m gon go get help, I talked to the lady.’ [Man], what lady?” she included a ton of laughing emojis.

Apparently McKinley wasn’t all that amused. He responded to the post saying, “I feel attacked” with a nervous smile emoji. Well, this is awkward.