‘RHOA’ Reunion: Fans Drag Kenya Moore and Side With Porsha Williams in Text Message Feud

After watching The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion on May 10, it’s easy to see why there are three parts to it. The first installment of the event featured arguments, knockouts, and drags that are customary for this sort of thing, but some of the reads in this episode will go down in history as RHOA’s finest.

Porsha Williams shot a dagger at Eva Marcille’s breasts that was felt around the world, and Kenya Moore had Andy Cohen cracking up with her comments to Nene Leakes about White Chicks.

Twitter and Instagram fans had a ball while trying to catch their breath from all the back-and-forth, but viewers certainly took sides.

Some declared Williams the winner of part 1 and found themselves taking her side in her feud against Kenya. What’s behind it?

Porsha Williams
Porsha Williams | Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/Getty Images

Kenya Moore started trouble with Porsha Williams

Things were certainly messy on the RHOA reunion with multiple battles happening, but Williams and Moore had it out over a few issues. One was about Moore’s ability—or inability—to own all of her past mistakes, and the other was about whether Moore is actually a real friend to Cynthia Bailey.

For most of the segment, Bailey was quiet, but that didn’t stop Williams from dragging Moore on her behalf. Moore started it by asserting Nene texted her and Bailey to complain about Williams being on Celebrity Apprentice.

Williams was a contestant on the show way back in 2017, and that prompted her to tell Moore that it was old news. Moore’s attempt to drive a wedge between Leakes and Williams didn’t work.

Porsha Williams snapped back at Kenya Moore

On a roll all night, Williams commenced to turn the virtual table on Moore by saying she has legit receipts that she’s been doing Bailey dirty behind her back.

She claims to have text message evidence that Moore was trying to take Bailey down. When Bailey asked if the messages were from this current season, Williams confirmed it.

Cohen asked to see them during the reunion, and she sent them to him and Bailey as proof. Now fans want to see these receipts.

Fans are on Team Porsha

Though Moore got quite a few licks in against the other ladies, fans loved how Williams threw it back at her and some of the other women. Many want to see a screenshot of what she sent to Cohen, already believing that Moore was really plotting against Bailey.

One Twitter user wrote, “Porsha is legit RUNNING this reunion. Reading Eva every time she speaks. Hyping Nene up and vice versa. Also coming with receipts against Kenya. LAWD.”

Another sided with Porsha and tweeted, “Porsha for sure! Nothing Kenya said last night seemed real. She was making it up as she goes along.”

For her part, Moore says the receipt is fake and part 2 of the reunion will reveal that. But fans point out that Moore picked on Bailey all season, including during the trip to Greece.

Others are glad Williams pointed out some of Moore’s past transgressions with the cast in terms of gossiping and throwing shade at people’s marriages. The reunion sage continues on May 17 at 8 p.m. EST, so tune in to find out if the texts incriminate Moore.