‘RHOA’ Shocker? Nene Leakes Teases Cast Changes

Several rumors are going around in regards to how The Real Housewives of Atlanta will look like during this upcoming season. Given her recent statements on social media, it looks like Nene Leakes may have some insight in regards to what’s going to go down.

Nene Leakes
Nene Leakes | Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

The reunion episode for season 12 was filled with a lot of drama

The season 12 reunion, which had to be filmed virtually due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, had a lot of drama. Most notably, most of the cast members seemed to be against Nene Leakes, with the exception of Porsha Williams.

On their feud itself, Leakes’ on-again, off-again friend Kandi Burruss told HollywoodLife, “If you are a real fan of our show, you would know that pretty much from the time I came on the show in season 2 all the way up until when I was pregnant with Ace, Nene and I pretty much argued or had some type of tension every year up until that point. When I was pregnant with Ace, she and I made a little vow to be more respectful to each other and not be so negative toward each other.”

She continued. “Well, needless to say, we have reverted back to the way we were prior to our oath and going into the next season, I would probably have to say for me — I don’t know how she’s feeling, but for me, I feel like I will reciprocate the energy that she gives me. So if she’s gonna come in with BS, she’s gonna get BS. If she wants to be pleasant, then I will be pleasant.”

Rumors are buzzing about cast changes

There are several different rumors going around about potential cast members who could be coming to or leaving the show for its upcoming thirteenth season.

It has been rumored that Cynthia Bailey, who is living bi-coastal now, could be swapping shows to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She recently said in an interview with Hip Hollywood, “Beverly Hills, I’m not opposed to…the reality is, I live in Atlanta and I live in LA. As a reality star if we’re going to show my truth, then I’m friends with a lot of the ladies in Beverly Hills as well. I would be open to showing both parts of my life, my LA life, and my Atlanta life so we’ll see if Bravo and Truly Original can figure that out.”

Aside from Bailey switching shows, another rumor is that Phaedra Parks could be returning. Additionally, TMZ is reporting that Yovanna Momplaisir will be added to the cast for the upcoming season.

Nene Leakes engages in a discussion on social media about potential cast changes

Leakes engaged in a dialogue on social media with fans about her walking off during the reunion, as well as the heavy rumors that there may be changes within the cast for the upcoming season.

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A fan tweeted Leakes, saying, “Even though I am disappointed that @NeNeLeakes walked out from the reunion, it’s clear that Kandi, Eva, Cynthia and Kenya are ganging up on her. They actually formed an alliance. I hope Nene gathers them next season. Kudos to Porsha for being a real one.”

Leakes responded to the fan, saying, “Why would you be disappointed? Why is it ok for me to stay somewhere and get that type of treatment? You guys don’t get it.” Another fan responded to that tweet, adding, “I am team NeNe… but… Know that yes, you were ganged up on but, you are PAID to be there. Don’t like it? Quit.”

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After this Leakes said that she has asked for changes each year and seemingly hinted at the fact that a cast shake-up could be coming. ‘I have asked for change season after season,” she said. “Unfortunately you wouldn’t know that because your not sitting in those meeting but CHANGE IS HERE NOW.”

The latest season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta is available to watch via Bravo on -demand.