‘RHOA’: The Real Reason Nene Leakes Deleted Her Instagram Account

NeNe Leakes is always at the center of some sort of drama. There has been a lot of speculation that the reality star is leaving The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Leakes has struggled to come to an agreement with the show in regards to her contract. But do the rumors have anything to do with her deleting her Instagram account?

NeNe Leakes
NeNe Leakes | Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Why did NeNe Leakes delete her Instagram?

Leakes has used her Instagram account as a way to both flaunt her beauty and success and keep it real with her fans. She was no stranger to hopping on Instagram Live and telling her followers her opinion on something or clearing her name.

But recently, Leakes decided that the platform just wasn’t worth it and deleted the account altogether. When the account disappeared, people wondered if the sudden exit had anything to do with fans asking her about RHOA.

 “Nene deleting her social has nothing to do with the Housewives and the rumors,” a source told HollywoodLife. “She deleted it just to take a little break. She will be back again.”

Before deleting her account, Leakes had over 3.6 million followers. Not only was that a huge platform to express herself, but a follower count of that magnitude could also bring in a lot of money from partnerships and sponsorships. Given that Leakes has made it clear that she is always about her money, it would only make sense for her to return to Instagram in the future.

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Is NeNe Leakes returning to ‘RHOA’?

Leakes has still been unable to come to an agreement with RHOA for season 13 even though filming has already begun.

“Nene’s return to RHOA is still very much up in the air for season 13,” the source continued. “She still has her offer from Bravo on the table. What it’ll come down to is working out her schedule. Her team and Bravo seem to want to make this work, but she’s got other projects she’s working on and it’s more about carving out the time with the other shows she’s got going on. Both parties are being patient which is good.”

How does the rest of the ‘RHOA’ cast feel about NeNe?

Leakes has had her share of arguments with her RHOA castmates, but ultimately the women aren’t swaying Leakes’ decision one way or the other.

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“Though she’s not friends with most of them, it’s a job for her and it doesn’t bother her who is or isn’t coming back,” a different source told the outlet. “It’s not influencing her decision whatsoever. She does the show because she likes the platform it provides her, but she’s also talking about a few other projects so she wants to take her time deciding what’s best. It’ll most likely come down to the financial negotiation working in her favor, but that’s the hold up.”

The rest of the cast reportedly is not surprised by Leakes’ antics since they feel like she does this often. While many of the women are not exactly on good terms with Leakes, they do recognize that she makes for good tv, and having her on the show could be beneficial. However, if she does not return, the show must still go on.