‘RHOA’: Who is the New Woman Joining the Cast?

It seems like the world of Real Housewives is under construction. Lisa Vanderpump left The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after being one of the founding members of the cast. Nene Leakes has reportedly not been filming for The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and new women are rumored to be joining several casts.

This just goes to show that with The Real Housewives franchise, no one’s spot is ever 100% guaranteed. Which is why newcomers have to fight especially hard to land permanent roles.

Who is the new addition to ‘RHOA’?

New housewife, Gail Yovanna Momplaisir, joined the cast of RHOA in a small way last season, but she is hoping to have a bright future with the show.

“Well, [Bravo] reached out to me last year, and so last year was the first time I ever had any discussion with the Bravo team about coming on the show. I had a great time last season,” Momplaisir told HollywoodLife. “[I] wouldn’t have a problem coming back this year obviously, so it’s all…I guess it’s up to the viewers and the executives at this point, so I can’t confirm or deny anything just yet.”

The newbie liked her first taste of being a housewife.

“But know I had a great time, like I said last season,” she continued. “Yeah, I definitely look forward to coming back this year.”

And she would definitely agree to coming on in a full-time capacity.

“Absolutely,” she said of getting her own peach. “If you’re going to do the show, that’s the whole concept behind it. So, if that’s an opportunity, I mean, hell yeah.”

Why would Momplaisir make a good housewife?

As previous seasons have shown, not everyone is cut out to be a housewife. But Momplaisir thinks she has what it takes to hang with the ladies of Atlanta.

“Well, I’m a realist for sure, so I don’t have a problem speaking my mind,” she told the outlet. “And I don’t back down. I’m not afraid to stand up for what’s right.”

And Leakes’ feud with the rest of the cast could actually help Momplaisir get the coveted peach that she’s been hoping for.

“Everyone, including Nene, felt that Nene really needed someone in her corner and an alliance, so producers heard her and now Gail will be joining the ladies which NeNe is really excited about,” a source told the outlet.

Leakes and Momplaisir have reportedly been “good friends for awhile.”

Is Leakes coming back to the show?

Leakes has not been filming for Real Housewives yet, but it is not because she doesn’t want to. She is still in talks with Bravo to work out her contract for the upcoming season.

“Nene is disappointed to not be filming right now but it’s really important for her to be compensated fairly,” a source close to production told HollywoodLife. “After all, she’s an OG Housewife and knows her worth and won’t settle for what doesn’t work contractually for her.”

Leakes hopes she and the network can come to an agreement soon.

“She loves the show and the platform it creates, so she’s really hopeful that everything will get worked out,” the source continued. “To hear otherwise is hurtful. It has nothing to do with anything other than business and she’s hoping that the business side gets worked out ASAP and she can begin filming. Both sides want to make this work. Nene does not want to leave the show, but she also knows her worth and value she brings, not just to Real Housewives of Atlanta, but the Housewives franchise as a whole.”