‘RHOBH:’ Did Denise Richards Show Up Too Late For Her Wedding?

Denise Richards from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills should consider becoming a wedding planner if she ever needed a side hustle. Her last-minute wedding was nothing short of stunning. From the gorgeous multi-hue infinity rose sculpture to her amazing designer dress, Richards’ wedding was an event most brides would only dream of having.

While the event, the couple and adorable family could not have been more perfect, there was one small hiccup. The bride and groom were extremely late for their nuptials. Not 15 minutes. Not 30 minutes. But an hour and 22 minutes late.

Denise Richards and Aaron Phypers |Photo by Robin Marchant/FilmMagic

The venue was on the gorgeous Malibu seaside cliff. But after a while, guests seemed to overheat. Plus quite a few of the women on the show had prior engagements that limited the amount of time they could stay. Richards could not have been more gracious or a more beautiful bride. But when it comes to wedding etiquette, how late is too late to arrive at your own wedding?

The wedding party didn’t seem to be in a huge hurry

Richards broke with tradition and walked down the aisle with husband Aaron Phypers (to a killer hard rock song). Daughters Lola and Sam walked in front of the couple and sister Eloise walked alongside Richards and Phypers.

The episode, however, showed a very casual Richards getting ready over a significant amount of time that day. She said in a confessional interview that the family did not have a rehearsal. Richards had to tell her dad the day of the event that she was walking down the aisle with the kids and Phypers. She also asked him to light a candle in honor of her mother who died 13 years ago.

Obviously, it may come down to editing, but the wedding party seems to be moving in slow-mo. Richards and the girls get their hair and makeup done. The family is about 45 minutes late when one of Richards’ daughters discovers she can’t walk in heels. She asks to wear sneakers. Richards is very un-Brizilla-like and says, “Sure, wear sneakers.”

Guests are noticing the lateness

While Richards may be the least demanding bride in Real Housewives history, her guests start to notice she’s more than a few minutes late to her own wedding. Teddi Mellencamp asks the ladies what time the ceremony was scheduled to be held.

“Uh oh, Denise is late for her own wedding and it’s on Teddi’s radar,” Dorit Kemsley says in a confessional interview. “Denise had better get here otherwise the punctuality police is going to ticket you.”

The wedding was supposed to start at 2 pm but an hour later, some guests are getting antsy. “I thought it was supposed to start at 2,” Kemsley says to Lisa Vanderpump. “Am I sweating through my clothes,” Mellencamp asks. “I am,” Rinna replies. “It’s hot as f**k out here.” Erika Girardi says her “hair is on fire and she’s sweating” at this point.

Is being late to your own wedding acceptable?

The wedding goes off without a hitch and everything ends well. But was being more than an hour late to your own wedding o.k.? For brides who are booking a busy venue, being late may not fly. “If you are late for your wedding, then you will make all other weddings that day late as well,” Australian officiant Eileen Riley wrote on her website. “Plus you and your guests will be ushered from the ceremony site to make way for the next wedding.”

Relationship author and coach Larry James says that being overly delayed for your own nuptials can be problematic. He recounts a wedding where the bride was nearly two hours late. “Being late tells others that you do not value their time, and that other things are more important to you than them,” he wrote on his website. “Being late can be a symptom of mild or even more serious psychological problems. I realize that this is ‘her’ day but being late for your own wedding is flat out rude and disrespectful to everyone, especially to those who arrived on time.”

What to do if you are running late on your big day? Martha Stewart suggests giving the venue and guests an update. “Have your mom, sister, or someone close to you get in touch with both your venue and a groomsman as soon as you realize the delay will be more than ten minutes.” Also, Richards had an open bar going before the event. Stewart says handing out champagne is a good idea, especially if you are late.

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