‘RHOBH’: Does Lisa Vanderpump Want Most of the Cast to Be Fired?

Most of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast aren’t getting along with Lisa Vanderpump. She has been on the outs and there have been rumors that it might lead to a major casting change. Now some are wondering if Lisa Vanderpump want most of the cast fired because of her latest move on social media.

Lisa Vanderpump filmed alone a lot in Season 9

Lisa Vanderpump
Lisa Vanderpump | Getty Images/Michael Tullberg

Season 9 has been a dramatic one for the Beverly Hills cast. Vanderpump and Dorit Kemsley weren’t getting along because Kemsley adopted a dog from Vanderpump Dogs, then put it in a shelter when their arrangement was no longer working. This went against the policy of Vanderpump Dogs because they want owners to return adopted dogs to them.

Things spiraled from there and eventually, Vanderpump admitted that she didn’t really film with other cast members a lot this season. One reason why was her mental state given the death of her brother.

I just wasn’t in the right mental state to really cope with everything Real Housewivesthrows at you,” Vanderpump told Us Weekly. “It was a very difficult year for me, and I just kind of got to a place where I just was desperately searching for happiness in my life at that time and it just got very heated there.”

She later said, “I filmed a lot on my own and they really did spotlight my charities and that’s why I’m here tonight.”

There were rumors that Vanderpump was quitting the show

Before the season started there were rumors that the cast could possibly be losing a huge star. A source revealed why to E! News.

She has been refusing to film and…her interactions with the ladies have been solely negative,” a source claimed. “Lisa has still not returned to filming and as of now has no plan to. It’s too far gone, and Lisa agrees that she shouldn’t return at this point.”

There was another source that denied this and other reports claimed Vanderpump hasn’t made a decision yet relating to continuing or leaving the show. The restaurant owner addressed the rumors.

I am in the show,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “I have not quit, and if I did quit, it wouldn’t just be a leaked story.” She added, “I would be upfront, and I have a lot of loyalty to the production company and the network.”

Vanderpump might not be done with Real Housewives, but does she want some of her fellow cast members to be fired?

Vanderpump retweeted someone saying cast members should be fired and Kyle Richards called it out

The drama seems to only be getting worse between the cast members. Vanderpump retweeted a fan’s tweet reading “New title for RHOBH after it falls apart without LVP: ‘Back Stabbing B*tches of Beverly Hills.’ @RHOBH_ #TeamLVP #RHOBH What a disgusting display from Kyle, Dorit, Teddi, Erica [SIC], and Rinna #NoClass” and another user quoted the tweet saying “Fire them.”

Us Weekly also spotted that Kyle Richards screenshot that Vanderpump retweeted the exchange. She then put in the words “Interesante” over the screenshot with a gif of someone lying down and smoking a pipe.

This is probably a sign that things are really heating up between the former friends. Fans will still have to wait probably until after the season to find out if there will actually be any changes within the cast.

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