‘RHOBH:’ Fans Can’t Get Enough of ‘Fun Kyle’

Amid a serious and seriously tedious season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills comes a glimmer of fun.

The season is consumed by “puppy gate” and the demise of friendships over lies and deceit. So when Kyle Richards tied one on during Camille Grammer’s birthday party, fans reacted with a big “thank goodness!”

Kyle Richards |Photo by Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Aside from Denise Richards hilarious reference to her husband’s potency, the episode was fraught with serious doom and gloom overtones. More discussion over who lied and who was holding back seemed to dominate the episode. But thankfully Richards had enough and dove down a giant margarita. And ended up being everyone’s favorite part of the episode.

Parties are meant to be fun

Parties are meant for celebration. And that was exactly what Richards did. She is shown sipping one margarita after another. “Tequilla can be your best friend,” Richards says in a confessional interview. “Or your worst enemy.”

As the margaritas take effect, Richards doesn’t hide that she’s getting hammered. She owns it! “I’m so bombed,” she says to Lisa Rinna and Erika Girardi. “I’m bombed. Bombed. I’ve had no f**king food.”

But for Richards, tequila probably means fun parties. A few years ago, she celebrated turning 42 with delicious margaritas. She started with brunch at Villa Blanca with Lisa Vanderpump and friends. Then hit a favorite Mexican joint for mariachis and margaritas.

There will be dancing

Viewers can always count on a dance party (and maybe even Richards’ infamous splits) during a big shindig. Grammer’s party was certainly no exception. Richards gets up and grooves, shaking her assets Rinna’s way. Rinna is happy to do a little spanking as well.

“We need to do splits,” Richards insists. “Can we do splits in that dress,” someone asks. Richards says she’s trying…and succeeds. She manages to gracefully do her signature splits move in a gorgeous red dress. The ladies clap enthusiastically as Richards laughs.

Even as she gets into the backseat of the car she swings her legs out of the door. “No Kyle, no,” Vanderpump says. “Put your legs down.” Meanwhile, Richards is heard giggling.

She has a funny moment with Vanderpump

Even though everyone has been extremely tense, fans were happy to see a candid, fun moment between Richards and Vanderpump in the car. As Richards’ husband Mauricio drives them home, Richards and Vanderpump laugh about what is considered to be cute (or not).

Both Vanderpump and Richards are giggling hysterically as Richards puts her feet toward Vanderpump’s face. Both of the women are laughing but then Vanderpump brings up the dog thing again.

While Vanderpump delivers some jabbing comments about Teddi Mellencamp, Richards is clearly over it. She continues to giggle, puts her hands over her face and says, “F**k my life.”

Fans are thankful for the moment of levity

A number of fans posted an image of Richards in another lovely red dress saying how much they love drunk Kyle.”@KyleRichards saying ‘this is who I am’ while completely bombed is a whole mood,” one person tweeted. Others added that Richards was really cute and how the scene between Richards and Vanderpump made the entire episode.

Another fan wrote, “A party is never complete unless @KyleRichards twirls her hair or does the splits @RHOBH_” Richards picked up on the comments and wrote that she’s working on some new party tricks. Plus, the fact that she tends to get silly while wearing red was not lost on her. “There’s something about the red dress with the margaritas,” she wrote.

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