‘RHOBH’: How Lisa Vanderpump Really Feels About Being Cut From the Rest of the Season

It hasn’t been the best season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for Lisa Vanderpump. This season PuppyGate all but ruined most of Vanderpump’s friendships.

For those who are unfamiliar with the puppy drama, the issue started when rumors started spreading that Dorit Kemsley got a dog from the Vanderpump Dogs foundation and then dropped it off at a shelter.

The women accused Vanderpump of knowing about the whole thing and badmouthing Kemsley to the press.

Since then, Vanderpump has been on the outs with most of the women, including her longtime friend, Kyle Richards.

As a result, she hasn’t gotten much air time in the later half of the season.

How does Vanderpump feel about being cut out?

Though Vanderpump wasn’t really speaking to her costars, she did continue to film for the show.

“Lisa is extremely hurt that several scenes that she filmed for RHOBH have been cut because it’s all about her philanthropy work which she loves to proudly show off,” a source close to the cast told HollywoodLife. “She feels that since there’s no drama, they got cut, but she wants to show off that side of her life and is really disappointed that those scenes got cut because that’s a big part of her life as a real housewife. If she doesn’t show to the reunion, this could be a big reason as to why. She’s quite upset over it.”

Since Vanderpump didn’t want to be around the rest of the cast, most of her footage didn’t really match the rest of the women’s.

“She was flat out refusing to film with the other ladies at events even though she was asked to several times, so the footage doesn’t really flow with the story lines which is why the cut happened,” the source continued. “The other ladies are happy it’s not airing because she wasn’t being a team player. They feel they go to things constantly they don’t want to and that she should be held accountable for not choosing to participate. They are still all hoping she will show at the reunion. They’d really love to talk with her in a calm manner and open to repair should she apologize but everyone’s still being kept in the dark about her attendance.”

Is it normal for women to be cut from ‘The Real Housewives’?

Though it’s not usual for a cast member to be cut out of the second half of a season, it’s something that all of the women are aware could happen.

“The show documents the women as they move through their lives, and the ladies are aware that not everything captured will make it to air,” a source close to production told the outlet.

What has Vanderpump said about being left out?

When fans noticed that Vanderpump hadn’t been featured in a few episodes, they took to Twitter to ask her what was going on.

“Are u going to be on a episode before the season ends?” one fan asked.

“No, maybe Caesar’s on the last one …” she responded. “They cut out all my scenes, it was all philanthropic.#route 91 strong …Trevor project psa ..
Indian party etc.”