‘RHOBH’: Lisa Rinna Takes Heat for Her Comments on Denise Richards’ Post About Surgery

Denise Richards from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills revealed she had to endure emergency hernia surgery. She shared to Instagram that she had not just one, but four hernias that were in need of emergency repair.

Denise Richards, Lisa Rinna
Denise Richards, Lisa Rinna |Nicole Weingart/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Richards wrote, “My hubby posted this & I need to actually thank him for taking such great care of me,” she shared to Instagram along with a series of photos. “This was a couple months ago & turned out to be a good lesson for me to always listen to my body. Being a mom, wife, & having a career sometimes it’s easier to just be strong and power through, I thought the pain & my other symptoms would just go away.”

Unfortunately, Richards remarked that her pain only increased. “They did not and got a lot worse. I’m so grateful to @herniadoc & her fabulous team. I thought I had one femoral hernia, I actually had 2 femoral & 2 inguinal. And I waited way too long & didn’t even tell my husband how bad I was feeling (I know it was stupid) … gotta always listen to our bodies & take care of ourselves.” In addition to an outpouring of support from fans, Richards also received a few comments from cast member Lisa Rinna. Although Rinna expressed concern, fans slammed her for her approach.

Rinna commented twice on the post

Camile Grammer shared an emoji to let Richards know she was praying for her. But then Rinna wrote, “Is everything ok? Is everyone ok?” Fans immediately responded, however, Richards did not. “@lisarinna oh now you care? You and  @kylerichards18  @teddimellencamp and  @doritkemsley can all pretend to be so altruistic, loving and caring, but all of your actions speak louder than words. And you’re anything but,” a fan responded.

But Rinna then asked Richards again if she was alright. “Denise are you ok? You never showed up to Dorit’s Sat night we were all so worried about you,” she commented. “What happened?! You said you were coming, you were meeting Garcelle, We never heard from you. What happened ?”

Fans slam Rinna

Again, fans came for Rinna. “@lisarinna I’m a fan of the show and love you both but as entertaining as this would be to read about on here,” a fan responded. “I do hope if you two have a genuine friendship offscreen you’d handle this privately … It seems like a real friend would call/text/stop by a house or maybe DM not publicly blast a question like this for everyone to read and see. I root for your friendship over tv ratings. Hopefully all is well between you two!!”

Tamra Judge from The Real Housewives of Orange County shared on the post that she can relate to what Richards endured. “You’re lucky my abdominal wall Burst and was in icu for 5 days. Worst pain in my life. Feel better.”

Even Judge took some heat for sharing her story too. “@tamrajudge it’s not a contest Tamrat,” one person wrote. Another person added, “@tamrajudge  yet again about you. ‘Feel better’ so heartfelt. Revolting.”