‘RHOBH’ Lisa Vanderpump is Officially Leaving the Show

The rumors are true. One of the OG’s of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is leaving.

After a dramatic season where everyone turned against her, Lisa Vanderpump has officially decided to leave the show.

“It was a very difficult year for me, personally and professionally… The Housewives, it’s just, it’s emotionally too difficult to deal with,” she told Us Weekly.

There had been rumors that the star would not even attend the filming of the RHOBH reunion but nothing was confirmed until Wednesday.

While taping the finale, host Andy Cohen took to his Instagram stories to announce that Vanderpump did not attend filming.

What happened to Lisa Vanderpump?

As she said, the past year has been one of the toughest for the restaurant owner. After her brother Mark committed suicide in April of last year, Vanderpump asked for a break from RHOBH.

“[Andy] said, ‘You know, I think we should’ve given you a year off when you asked for it,'” she once told Entertainment Tonight. “He said, ‘I don’t think you were in a mental state where you were really prepared to deal with it,’ it was very emotional … ‘With hindsight, we probably should’ve given you the year off.'”

“I wasn’t as prepared for combat as I should’ve been,” she said.

Dealing with the emotional baggage of losing a sibling did not put her in the headspace for all of the antics that take place on RHOBH.

“It hasn’t been a good situation,” she continued. “I think this year, with where my mental state was — and I’ve been very honest about that, I struggled a lot, you know, after my brother’s suicide. The first few months it was really difficult, and I was kind of searching for happiness, so, I think you know … when something really significant happens in your life, maybe it does change you, you know?”

Vanderpump gets cut out of the final episodes

After getting into an argument with pretty much every other member of the cast, Vanderpump refused to film scenes with them, which caused her to be cut from the last few episodes of the season.

“Lisa is extremely hurt that several scenes that she filmed for RHOBH have been cut because it’s all about her philanthropy work which she loves to proudly show off,” a source close to the show told HollywoodLife. “She feels that since there’s no drama, they got cut, but she wants to show off that side of her life and is really disappointed that those scenes got cut because that’s a big part of her life as a real housewife. If she doesn’t show to the reunion, this could be a big reason as to why. She’s quite upset over it.”

How did Cohen feel about Vanderpump missing the reunion?

Cohen, who has been a long-time friend of Vanderpump’s, was upset when the housewife decided not to show up to the reunion.

“Andy felt incredibly disrespected over the fact that Lisa Vanderpump ditched the reunion,” a source told HollywoodLife. “He tried to get her to come, but she just wouldn’t budge. When LuAnn [deLesseps] or Yolanda[Hadid] didn’t attend the reunion, it was much different due to medical reasons, as Lisa was trying to compare the situations, but Andy was telling people that he truly felt like LVP stood him up. He and Lisa have had a great relationship all these years, so he really wished she was there to say her piece.”