‘RHOBH:’ What Would Dorit Kemsley Have Said to Lisa Vanderpump If She Attended the Reunion?

The cast from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills seemed stunned when Lisa Vanderpump didn’t attend the reunion.

Host and Bravo producer Andy Cohen also seemed surprised Vanderpump didn’t attend as the reunion began with one of Cohen’s infamous Instagram Live chats with Anderson Cooper. Cooper too seemed surprised, especially when he found out Camille Grammer would attend.

Dorit Kemsley |Photo by Amanda Edwards/WireImage

But after Cohen welcomed the women, they discussed the irony of how Vanderpump called out Adrienne Maloof for not showing up for her final reunion. Plus they remarked about how Vanderpump’s absence left a number of unresolved issues.

Cohen wishes Vanderpump would have attended

In an exclusive interview with Bravo, Cohen said he was disappointed Vanderpump was a no show. “There was a part of me that just thought she would come and slay the room,” he said.  

During the reunion, Cohen said Vanderpump could have attended and worked out any issues. He also stressed this during his Bravo interview too.  “I thought it would be a great opportunity for her to address her issues with the other women, and them with her,” he said.

Plus he added,  “I don’t think [the issues] are that deep,” he said. “And the further you step away from it and just look on social media, and listen to other people chirping it becomes worse and worse.”

But Dorit Kemsley makes this observation during the reunion

Cohen also mentioned in his Bravo interview that Vanderpump hates confrontation. The ladies touch on this during the reunion too. “I think it was a really big mistake not to be here,” Kyle Richards said.

“If she had been here today, we would have all loved to been able to work through it, even if it meant agreeing to disagree,” Richards continued. As the other women listened, Dorit Kemsley felt the need to make her own observation.

The other women chime in agreement but Kemsley says, “I don’t think she’s capable of agreeing to disagree. I think that’s the issue.” But Teddi Mellencamp kept thinking Vanderpump would appear for “some sort of dramatics.”

What would have Kemsley said to Vanderpump during the reunion?

Kemsley appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen the same evening as the reunion. During the After Show, she revealed what she would have said to Vanderpump if given the chance.

“There’s so much I’d want to say,” she said. “But really I’d ask her why.” As Kemsley gazes into the camera, co-guest Ramona Singer from The Real Housewives of New York City wonders why Vanderpump couldn’t get past it all. “Why did it have to get as far as it got,” Kemsley asks. “Because it really didn’t have to.”

Another caller asks Kemsley about her husband P.K.’s friendship with Vanderpump’s husband Ken Todd. P.K. appeared to have a bond with both Todd and Vanderpump. But Kemsley said, “Puppy Gate” ultimately destroyed that relationship too. “Yeah, it’s nonexistent,” she remarked. Cohen asked it the relationship was done. But Kemsley said it wasn’t done but right now they weren’t speaking. Kemsley added that she sent flowers to Vanderpump when her mother passed away and sent a text too.