‘RHOBH’: Why Did Fans Question Denise Richards’ Weight Loss Comment?

Fans had a lot to say when Denise Richards from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills dropped a comment about a need to shed a few pounds.

The former Bond Girl posted a photo with her husband Aaron Phypers at a gas station where the couple treated themselves to ice cream.”Even though I’m on a no dairy, gluten, booze, sugar, beef, diet (need to lose a few lbs) he bought me a #haagendazs ice cream bar at the gas station.”

Denise Richards
Denise Richards | Getty Images/Gabriel Olsen

A number of friends and fans commented that Richards looked fantastic and didn’t need to lose weight. “You do not need to lose any pounds! You’re perfect,” one person wrote. Kyle Richards simply added, “Love you.” Others chimed in, saying Richards should treat herself and that she looked fabulous.

But the ‘no booze’ remark sparked some comments on Twitter

Richards said she wasn’t a big drinker when she appeared on RHOBH. She was never drunk when she was filmed and would typically sip her cocktail. But a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen got fans talking.

One fan posted the video of Richards and Fredrik Eklund from Million Dollar Listing New York on the step and repeat. “Is @DENISE_RICHARDS on something?” Richards looks a little wobbly as she smiles and poses for photos.

Another fan likened a pose Richards struck to the late Anna Nicole Smith. “SAME. ENERGY. @DENISE_RICHARDS I think I found your costume for #Farrahween 2019!”

Fans wondered if she quit drinking because of ‘WWHL’

Fans wondered if Richards stopped drinking after seeing WWHL.” If anything you’re taking a break from the booze because of how you embarrassed yourself on WWHL the other night,” one Twitter user wrote. “Just OWN IT!”

But others seemed to lash out at Richards on Twitter. “Booze was listed & a few lbs. Stop the madness and stop insulting our intelligence. How about your recent stint on WWHL, that was not booze, then certainly that leaves the question of what drugs were involved. Pics/video don’t lie, you were def. ‘not right’!”

Comments also became pretty brutal too. “No booze…Puhleazeee…all you old hens do is Bawkkkk bawk bawk,Cluck non stop. None of you are brave enough to respond to clips or receipts presented by too many to count people who gain 0 if you all ‘own it’. Wish I could find a legal way to sue all of you for lies & bullying.”

She’s also dealing with other drama after her appearance

Although Richards and Camille Grammer seemed to be in a good place when the show started, they certainly didn’t end that way. When Richards appeared on WWHL, Grammer implied perhaps Richards was intoxicated. A fan asked Grammer if she thought Richards was alright or if she was on something. “Maybe she’s on something?” Grammer replied along with a laughing/crying emoji.

When Richards saw the tweet, she hit back. “@TheRealCamilleG needs to thank her lucky stars that bravo didn’t air some of her comments during the season and at the reunion. My youngest daughter’s biological father is African American I found some of her comments quite offensive.”