‘RHOBH’: Why Erika Girardi Isn’t Talking to Lisa Vanderpump

Erika Girardi is one of many Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast members that were suspicious of Lisa Vanderpump this past season. The two had their own awkward conversation too. It turns out they haven’t talked and there is a reason why. Here is everything you need to know.

Erika Girardi and Lisa Vanderpump previously got into argument over a condolence card

Erika Girardi
Erika Girardi | Getty Images/Gregg DeGuire

The two housewives had a heated conversation in Season 9. It was about Girardi’s condolence card she sent to Vanderpump after the death of her brother.

“Erika when you sent me a couple of lines in your condolence card,” Vanderpump said before later adding, “I wish that you’d call me.”

Girardi responded with, “But I felt the best way to do that was to write.” Vanderpump said, “It was a little distant, and that’s one thing you’ve really tried to overcome.” Girardi said, “No, that’s a very personal note from me. I’m very sorry you feel that way but that comes from my heart.”

Girardi said she doesn’t know what they would talk about

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Have the two smoothed things over? Girardi was asked if she spoke to Vanderpump lately and she told Ellen no. Why? “What are we going to talk about?” she asked.

It also doesn’t seem like the singer has changed her mind on the dog drama. She thinks Vanderpump purposely got Teddi Mellencamp involved with the dog situation.

“I’m on the truth side,” she said. “I think Teddi got cold feet and she got caught. She backed out at the very last minute. But listen, it takes a lot to want to do something like that.”

She doesn’t know if Vanderpump is returning to the show

There are a lot of rumors that Vanderpump might not return for another season. That’s because she reportedly didn’t go on the group trip to France and she didn’t get along with most of the cast last season.

Girardi said she isn’t really sure about Vanderpump’s future on the show. “I don’t know if she’s quitting the show. I know that she stopped showing up mid-season and we were stuck looking at each other like, ‘What’s going on?’” she revealed to Ellen.

It was previously reported that Vanderpump was only talking to Denise Richards at one point

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It’s probably not surprising that Girardi and Vanderpump aren’t keeping in touch. The restaurant owner’s relationship with most of the cast fell apart and she reportedly was only talking to Denise Richards at one point.

She is not talking to any of the cast except for Denise. There have been numerous attempts from the other cast members to reach out to her and they have gone unanswered,” an insider told Us Weekly. “The women feel like Lisa doesn’t want to face them and confront the situation. She has kept her distance and now that’s creating more problems with the cast.”

Kyle Richards has also been open about her falling out with Vanderpump. “My status right now with Lisa is not good,” Richards told Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest. “I’m sad to say we’re not speaking at the moment.”

Lisa Vanderpump seems to still be on the outs with most of the cast. It’s not clear what that means for the future of the show.

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