‘RHOC’ Did Kelly Dodd Fake Her Engagement? Vicki Gunvalson Thinks So!

Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson has some serious questions about Kelly Dodd’s recent engagement to Rick Leventhal. The Fox News correspondent popped the big question after dating Dodd for only three months. RHOC fans were very surprised by the quick engagement, and Gunvalson believes Dodd is getting married just to create a good storyline – and that’s not the only problem she has with the marriage.

RHOC Vicki Gunvalson Kelly Dodd
‘RHOC’ stars Kelly Dodd and Vicki Gunvalson | Photo by Nicole Weingart/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Vicki Gunvalson dishes on Kelly Dodd’s engagement

During an appearance at BravoCon last weekend, Gunvalson shared her thoughts on Dodd’s fast engagement.

The RHOC star, who was demoted this season and has been feuding with Dodd all year, slammed the engagement as being manufactured for the show. Gunvalson did not give any evidence to support her claims, but she was not afraid to speak her mind on the issue.

“Is it a storyline?” Gunvalson mused. “Is it because she has to be with him, like, in a marriage situation, right away? She’d known him three months? I don’t understand that. What’s the rush? I mean, it’s a very responsible thing to do, to be married.”

Kelly Dodd and Leventhal started dating around three months ago. The romance came on the heels of her breakup with Brian Reagan, which has also raised a lot of concerns.

While Gunvalson clearly thinks Dodd is just putting on a show for the cameras, there is another reason why she thinks the engagement is a bad idea.

Gunvalson slams Leventhal’s relationship with Dodd’s daughter

According to Reality Blurb, Gunvalson went on to discuss Leventhal’s relationship with Dodd’s 13-year-old daughter, Jolie. The RHOC star does not believe Leventhal is close to Dodd’s child, which could be a major issue moving forward.

“She has a 13-year-old daughter. I don’t believe Rick has ever spent a lot of time with Jolie, if at all,” Gunvalson stated.

The OG of the OC added that if it was her, she would make sure her daughter got along with her future husband before she agreed to get married. Fair point.

Gunvalson also does not understand why Kelly Dodd and Rick Leventhal are in such a huge rush to walk down the aisle. They have only been together for three months, and most of that time was spent on a lengthy vacation abroad.

That said, the two are not planning on tying the knot until October of next year, so they still have plenty of time to really get to know each other. If all goes as planned, the wedding will go down around the same time season 15 of RHOC is airing on Bravo.

When will Vicki Gunvalson get married?

While Gunvalson continues to bash Kelly Dodd’s engagement, she is also set to tie the knot with her boyfriend, Steve Lodge.

Gunvalson did not reveal when she and Lodge will make things official, but she assured fans that they are basically living like a married couple already.

The two have lived together for the past two and a half years, which has given them plenty of opportunities to learn about each other. As far as Gunvalson is concerned, if either of them had any red flags, they would have been unearthed by now.

Gunvalson and Dodd, of course, have been feuding for a long time now, so her comments about the engagement do not come as a huge surprise. Their fight heated up at the end of last season after Gunvalson accused Dodd of using cocaine.

Will Gunvalson be back in season 15 of ‘RHOC’?

Before filming season 14 of RHOC, Gunvalson had no idea she was getting demoted to a friend of the cast – reportedly for making shocking drug allegations about Kelly Dodd. But a month before production started, producers informed Gunvalson that she would not be getting her orange back full-time.

Instead, Bravo wanted Gunvalson to return in a reduced role, opening the door for a fresh face to mingle with the group. Gunvalson was understandably upset at first, but she ultimately agreed to the new terms before filming.

The months that followed were very difficult for Gunvalson, who admitted that the demotion was “one of the hardest” experiences of her life as a reality star.

While Gunvalson accepted her fate, she is not willing to do it again.

In fact, Gunvalson revealed that if Bravo asks her back as a friend, she will not return to the series. The network has not revealed its plans for season 15 of RHOC, so there is a chance that Gunvalson will return as a full-time cast member.

“Let me just say this, I’m never coming back reduced again,” Gunvalson shared.

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