‘RHOC’: Did Tamra Judge Get a Casserole From Vicki When She Moved Into Coto?

When it comes to showing love for Vicki Gunvalson from The Real Housewives of Orange County, it boils down to who is bringing you a casserole.

A few seasons ago, she bemoaned how the cast didn’t bring her a casserole when she was embroiled in her relationship with Brooks Ayers. Ayers asserted he was battling cancer, but the cast believed Ayers was faking the illness, which enraged both the cast and viewers. No casserole for Gunvalson.

Vicki Gunvalson, Tamra Judge
Vicki Gunvalson, Tamra Judge| Vivian Zink/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

However, Gunvalson ultimately ditched Ayers and finally had an emotional reconciliation with the cast, but especially with close friend Tamra Judge. In fact, while the cast was on a girls trip in Iceland, Judge delivered a casserole to Gunvalson after she landed in the ER.

Does Vicki return the casserole favor?

Since casseroles are Gunvalson’s thing a fan wanted to know if she delivered one to Judge when Judge and her husband moved into Gunvalson’s neighborhood. The After Show caller wanted to know what it was like to have Gunvalson as a neighbor and if she received a signature casserole. Solid questions.

“I’ve never gotten a casserole,” Judge says. Then, host, Andy Cohen asks how far Judge lives from Gunvalson. Coto de Caza is not a tiny community so there is a good chance the ladies aren’t next-door neighbors.

“Well, Coto de Caza is a huge community,” Judge explains. Cohen adds Coto is the biggest gated community in the country. Judge says if she were to ride her bike to Gunvalson’s house it might take a few minutes. “[Coto] is like 15 miles around,” she remarks. “It’s kinda a big community to ride around. So Vicki is about three miles from us. And I really don’t see her.”

She throws this out there (again)

One thing Judge seems to be pretty proud of is her “double gated” status within Coto. “I’ll say it once and I’ll say it twice, I’m double-gated,” she says. Cohen coos, “Oh, the double-gated is more exclusive … ohhh.”

Cohen says he just heard about the double-gated concept from Wendy Williams. “The Kardashians are double-gated in Calabasas,” he continues. “There’s a main gate to go through and then you have to go to another gate to go to the nicer houses.” Meanwhile, Judge keeps parroting that she’s double-gated.

A homeowner who lives in a double-gated community explained the two gate concept. “I live in a ‘double gated’ community in Las Vegas,” the person posted to City-Data. “This simply means you pass thru 2 gates before reaching my home. The 1st gate has a barrier arm (and gate) with an armed guard checking your ID against the list (which you place names on by an app from your phone). The 2nd gate is about 2 miles into the golf community (The gate is opened by entering a visitors code which calls my phone; I then press a number from my cell to open the 2nd gate).”

Judge seems to love her upgraded lifestyle

During the first episode of season 14, Judge bragged about her new home in Coto. Plus she was proud to finally join the coveted country club. The minute the footage aired of Judge dishing about her new digs, Kelly Dodd started a Twitter war with her.

“Living In Coto you’re rich!! lmfao who says that?? Coto is in the sticks!” Dodd tweeted. A heated exchange ensued on both Twitter and Instagram as clearly, the war wasn’t just about Coto.